Trump Needs to stop Chasing His Tail and Indict Hillary-The Democrats Smell Blood

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
March 7th, 2017


Although I pride myself on trying to be a friend to all, I am known for not taking needless abuse. I had judged Donald Trump to be of the same mindset. I never thought I would see him take the abuse he is taking without fighting back. He does not need another good speech, he needs an indictment, he needs a liberal’s head on a platter. He needs a moral victory in the same manner as did our military in the early days of WW II when Doolittle bombed Japan. It was symobolic, but it rallied the troops.

Resilience Is Needed

Since Trump has been President, he has taken one body blow after another and the only way that he is fighting back is respond by using Twitter.

In short, President Trump is taking it on the chin and he does not appear to be fighting back. Forget looking Presidential, I expect him to start fighting back. Don’t be polite, it is “ass-kicking time”.

If he does not change the momentum that is clearly running against him, his Presidency may not survive. He needs victories. He has to show the fence-sitters that he means business. The Democrats smell blood and they are moving in for the kill.

The Common Sense Show Fully Supports President Trump

In expressing this sentiment earlier in the day, I was attacked for not supporting Trump. I am 100% in his corner and I believe in the changes that he is trying to make. Some people say that “he has only been President for 5 weeks, give the man a break”. We are at war and the progress of this war will not be measured by the calendar. It is measured in victories that will neutralize the Deep State. And believe me, the Deep State needs to be destroyed. I need for Donald Trump to be like Jesus when he threw the bankers out of the Temple.

President Trump needs a victory, badly, and he needs it quickly. It is my recommendation, that he has Sessions indict Hillary for national security violations in relation to the emails. Hillary is low-hanging fruit. This is a no-brainer prosecution. He needs to do this immediately to stem the tide of victories that the Deep State is piling up against him. befoer he does this, however, but not before he fire the disloyal James “hear no evil, see no evil,” James Comey, the director of the FBI.

The following is an analysis of this approach.

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