Why Trump Will Be Blamed For Coming Economic Collapse! (Video)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
By Paul Martin


Long before Wikileaks let the cat out of the bag about the level of corruption and the amount of collusion between the highest levels of the mainstream media and the Democrat party, earlier in the year a poll revealed that only six percent of Americans said they had “a great deal of confidence” in the mainstream media. What percentage have confidence now? Zero?

After the election, the mainstream media had a choice to make. They could either recognize that the American people were tired of being lied to by both a dishonest media and corrupt Washington politicians, or they could double down on their lies and deceit. Sadly, they chose the latter.

Despite being caught countless times since Donald Trump’s election reporting unverified, inaccurate, or grossly biased news stories, and despite the fact that Americans have flatly rejected the Democrats far-left liberal ideology at every level (as evidenced by 1000+ seats lost by Democrats combined at both the federal and state level under Barack Obama), the media is plowing ahead with their attacks on Donald Trump.

Global economic collapse is coming. Neither Trump, nor any other world leader can undo the damage caused by decades of living under a global economic system that was been built upon the premise of ever-expanding credit. A financial tsunami is coming, and it’s one most Americans don’t know is coming, largely because the mainstream media refuses to do its job.

In the following interview, Dr. Jim Willie continues to warn people of the collapse ahead, and makes it abundantly clear who the media will blame: President Donald Trump.

After the interview with Dr. Willie, Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse blog makes clear one of the reasons why Donald Trump isn’t the answer to all our country’s economic problems; many of them are going to be the result of foreigners dumping U.S. debt at a record pace. The simple fact is: the world has lost faith in the United States, and with good reason. We have created the largest ponzi scheme in human history, the world is going to pay for it along with the United States, and they know it.

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