Trump Takes The Final Currency War Thermonuclear, Puts Gold Cartel On Notice!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
By Paul Martin

By: Andrew Hoffman
January 17, 2017

It’s the rare day I wake up to see news so powerfully Precious Metal bullish – regarding its short and long-term implications – I can barely contain myself. The last such event was the BrExit – which set into motion the inevitable collapse of the European Union and Euro currency as we know it. Which, seven months later, appears more certain than ever – and perhaps, if this year’s Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Catalonian elections and legislative actions trend in the direction I anticipate, imminent. Which I assure you, last night’s news will only hasten further.

Moreover, it’s equally rare to see so many of my predictions borne out in real time; let alone, as today’s events were catalyzed by none other than Donald Trump himself, the most anti-establishment politician ever elected to a major Western political office. To that end, I have written more of Donald Trump than any single person in my five-and-a-half years at Miles Franklin – who last night, confirmed why back in September I predicted a Trump victory would be the political, economic, and monetary equivalent of a “BrExit times ten.” To the point that, at one of his rallies mere weeks before the election, he actually utilized that very term.

In fact, in the past week alone, I vehemently espoused my views of why his Presidency, as initially opined in “BrExit times ten,” would be the best imaginable scenario for Precious Metal investors. First, I taped the “Death of Trump-Flation” Audioblog on Wednesday – discussing my belief that few of his campaign promises were politically and economically viable; and fewer still, a net positive for America in the first place. Which in reality, was a “sequel” of the “turning on Trump” Audioblog I taped in November, mere days after the election. When, in the afterglow of having successfully avoided the election of the Wicked Witch of the West(ern Hemisphere) as President, I focused on the economic reality of what a Trump Presidency actually meant.

ext, I wrote “Candidate Trump to President Trump, and all it entails” this weekend; in which, I discussed how the fraudulent, farcically fallacious “Trump-flation” meme – concocted by the world’s top market manipulators on Election Eve, after Trump “shockingly” beat ”their” candidate Hillary Clinton – was bound to dissolve into oblivion once the post-election “honeymoon” period was over. Followed by yesterday’s “loose cannon versus the wicked witch,” when I discussed how Trump’s post-election actions were demonstrating how the lack of diplomacy that has characterized his entire public life – and frankly, a disturbing lack of economic understanding for such a successful businessman – were setting the stage for heightened political, economic, and trade wars, at a time when a debt-infested, politically unstable world is at its most vulnerable.

Throw in last week’s “2.5%, ‘Nuf said!” – in which I opined that in the face of “Trump-flation”-addicted traders’ and “analysts”’ record Treasury bond short position, the odds of plunging rates were far greater than rising rates; and December 27th’s “gold bottoming in late December for the second straight year?” – whose content is self-explanatory; and you can see why I’m so excited. Heck, Bitcoin is also surging this morning, coincident with Precious Metals, following Trump’s thermonuclear “final currency war” salvo last night – demonstrating why I view Precious Metals and Bitcoin to be “natural allies” in the eminently winnable war against the dying fiat regime; and thus, why I believe “Bitcoin will make gold and silver go up.”

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