Obama talks about himself 75 times during 51-minute farewell speech

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

JANUARY 11TH, 2017

President Obama’s final speech to Americans wouldn’t have been complete if he hadn’t talking about himself dozens of times.

The outgoing commander-in-chief focused on himself 75 times to be exact during the 51-minute farewell address.

Speaking to supporters in Chicago, Obama cast his remarks not to much on what the American people accomplished during his eight years in office, but rather what he did.

“Whether we’ve seen eye-to-eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, the American people – in living rooms and schools; at farms and on factory floors; at diners and on distant outposts – are what have kept me honest, kept me inspired, and kept me going. Every day, I learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man,” Obama said in the opening paragraph.

“I first came to Chicago when I was in my early twenties, still trying to figure out who I was; still searching for a purpose to my life,” he said.

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