‘He’s INGENIOUS’ Marine Le Pen praises Trump’s policies and vows to ‘follow his lead’

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

MARINE Le Pen has lauded Donald Trump’s decision to stop US companies from moving overseas and has vowed to do the same for France if she becomes the country’s president.

Wed, Jan 11, 2017

The Front National leader said the President-elect is “right” to quell American companies’ plans to move abroad in a bid to boost productivity and keep manufacturing jobs at home.

In an interview with the French television channel France 2, the hardline chief added that she and Donald Trump were “on the same wave length” and shared the same “protectionist views”.

She said: “What Mr Trump is doing right now in terms of the economy has definitely piqued my interest. He’s trying to desperately stop companies from moving abroad and striving to keep jobs in the US, which is something I have repeatedly called for in France.”

Mrs Le Pen added that Mr Trump’s decision to slap companies that expand manufacturing facilities abroad for products to be sold into the US with a “big border tax” was “legitimate”.

She said: “He’s fighting to protect economic patriotism. And his methods are ingenious. He is not in the habit of mincing his words. He’s telling US manufacturers: ‘If you want to ship jobs overseas, you’ll be slapped with enormous bribes. Because I want you to stay in the US’.”

The presidential hopeful added that she would threaten French companies with a hefty border tax if elected head of state next spring, promising to “follow in Mr Trump’s footsteps”.

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