ABC ratings plunge when Megyn Kelly appears

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

Minute-by-minute viewership for ‘Good Morning America’ takes ‘major dive’


Will Megyn Kelly be the next Katie Couric as she makes her transition to NBC?

Time will tell, but the former Fox News anchorwoman’s recent appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” is raising eyebrows as it reportedly caused the network’s ratings to plunge drastically.

While she was still employed by Fox and plugging her book, “Settle For More,” Kelly was interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during a Nov. 15 segment on “GMA.”

According to Mediaite, “The minute-by-minute ratings for GMA took a major (and surprising) dive during her segment … .”

Rachel Stockman of Mediaite noted: “According to sources with access to those all important and specific network ratings, Kelly appeared for approximately 10 minutes at around 7:31 a.m., during that time, the ratings continued to plummet in particular compared to other days.

“Network execs across the board apparently expected that the Fox News host’s interview would boost the bottom of the 7 o’clock hour especially since she was discussing controversial allegations against her former boss, Roger Ailes. But – that didn’t happen.”

During her segment on ABC, Kelly told Stephanopoulos about her relationship with Ailes during her first year working as a reporter with Fox.

“He tried to kiss me three times … and when I rejected that, he asked me when my contract was up,” Kelly explained. “I wrestled with what to do.”

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