New Series on the Communist Takeover of America

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 10th, 2017

Did you know that many people in Congress have joined the dark side? This is an announcement about a multi-part series dealing with treason within the US government and the communist takeover of Hollywood and the MSM.

3 Responses to “New Series on the Communist Takeover of America”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Better do one on the POISON SPRAYING of America or nothing else will matter in less than 10 years !!!! Talk to your buddy at, and ( hint hint, ) beware of controlled opposition. I wouldn’t STOP at his site. If you look closely you’ll notice 1. It’s a boring scientific like engineering like NOT ALARMING LIKE site ?!! 2. Who’s ever heard of it ? 3. WHAT has it done to STOP poison spraying ? Really ?


  2. Ross

    Geoengineering is only part of the problem. We are also being poisoned by mercury, adjuvants and other crap in vaccines. We are being poisoned by GMO frankenfood. We are being poisoned by chemicals like “Roundup” all through the food chain. Autism rates are through the roof and growing exponentially.

    They are poisoning our children with sub-standard education. They are polluting our minds with absolute garbage on TV. The mainstream media has become Propaganda Central.

    There has been a coup (or two) and our government no longer exists. The political machine running this country is nothing more than a racketeering enterprise. How else could you have a “president” with a forged birth certificate? How else could you have WTC7 collapse from minor fires? How else could you have continuous major fraud on Wall Street and virtually no one goes to prison?

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Very well said !!! This “Ross” guy sounds somewhat intelligent. Let me add … “Utopia” and “Hell on earth,” BOTH exist overlapping each other throughout The US. We need to identify and promote “Utopia,” and call out and boycott “Hell on earth.” This will take intelligent people, creative people, money, and time.

    It’s a CONSTANT war !!!!

    Even re-booting the south and dividing up isn’t a PERFECT answer. It’s just way way better than doing zero … and it would solve about 80 % or so of the problems we deal with now such as ALL those listed by Mr. Ross.

    WANT it. Pray. Do everything you can. Start at : Leagueofthesouth and Vdare.


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