Heroic German dad rescues terrified daughter from Syrian rapist then hauls him to police

Monday, January 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

A GERMAN father is being hailed as a hero by police after rescuing his daughter from a refugee rapist and then turning the suspect in.

Mon, Jan 9, 2017

The 57-year-old man raced to the crime scene in the town of Kleve after his daughter telephoned him to say; “There’s a man following me home dad…..”

When he got there the man had punched his daughter almost unconscious, was on top of her and tearing at her clothes after dragging her from the side of the road into undergrowth.

Her dad, who arrived at the scene on a push-scooter, leaped off screaming, hauled the drunken attacker off his daughter and punched him several times.

He then held him down with his body while calling police and an ambulance on his mobile phone.

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One Response to “Heroic German dad rescues terrified daughter from Syrian rapist then hauls him to police”

  1. Well, dam, at least one German stood up, he should of put him down for good, sure he did the right thing as a human, but as soon as this guy is released he will do it again. Like a rabid dog, you put the sick bastard down.
    Merkel is just going to talk and lie.
    This is a plan to do away with Germany, Europe, by adsorbing them by these pervert Muslims, they don’t care about the German, Eu women, just a place to put their wanker, even if it’s a little boys bottom. if he were a kin of mine would only happen once.
    They say the Japanese men have turn effeminate, so much for the Bushido, what have the Germans turned to wimps also?


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