Far-Left is Plotting Violent Anti-American Revolution On Inauguration Day (Video)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
By Paul Martin


Thanks largely to a woefully corrupt and dishonest mainstream media that’s in bed with far-left elites and the Democrat Party, most Americans are asleep at the wheel with regard to how much danger is brewing for the entire nation on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. The question only one person seems to be asking is World Net Daily’s Garth Kant, who asks:

“Could the left really attempt a violent revolution to overthrow the U.S. government and overturn the American way of life?”

Not only COULD they, but they WILL try, according to Douglas V. Gibbs, who has appeared as a commentator on Fox News and is a radio talk-show host in Los Angeles. In a recent article published in the Canada Free Press titled, “Democrats Prepare for Violent Revolution,” Gibbs warns that it won’t be a liberal revolution. It will be a communist revolution. Over the years, the mainstream media has conditioned the American people well not to call the far-left out for what it is now, and always has been, which is a Communist movement. Not convinced the far-left has its original in Communism? This warning given in 1961 should open your eyes.

After examining all the evidence, not the least of which includes the fact that virtually today’s entire Democrat platform has been stolen directly from the former Soviet Union’s 45 Goals to Destroy the United States written during the height of the Cold War, Gibbs concludes a revolution attempt is not only necessarily imminent, but also that it WILL happen once all various pieces fall into place. Gibbs says,

“They [the far-left] are in full preparation for social and economic collapse, or a violent revolution.”

Americans continue to vastly underestimate the desperation of a radical outgoing President whose entire legacy is going to be wiped out not long after Trump is sworn in. The “fundamental change” Obama promised, and then delivered on behalf of his globalist backers during the last eight years, was the culmination of his entire life’s work. Now, it’s all about to be erased because Obama never anticipated the system that has been abused, corrupted, and manipulated by the far-left and their biggest professional global agitator, George Soros, would not be corrupt enough to predetermine his successor.

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