Obama Is Down to His Last Option…”Yesterday, Wells Fargo bank, was hit by a massive cyber attack. I believe that this is the opening salvo for which the Russians will receive the blame. the grid is next.”

Saturday, December 31, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 31st, 2016

I am not a fan of Putin, but with regard to his recent conduct in the face of countless Obama provocations, Putin’s patience is the only reason that we are not already at war with Russia. I have almost lost count at the time number of times that President Obama, has poked “the bear” with the proverbial stick.

It is true, that Putin has assassinated his rivals and does the same with dissident media. He has created false flag events to justify invasion of its neighbors in an effort to reassert centralized Russian authority over its former Republics from the old days of the Soviet Union. However, this was then and the world today is a far different place.

Unlike Our Leaders, the Russian Leaders Put Their People First

Russia is no longer a country that maligns and persecutes Christianity. Where Christians used to worship in secret, Russia plays home to a rising Christian religion.

Russia has a 13% flat tax rate. American small business owners typically pay 45% in tax between federal and state tax rates. Unlike in America, the Russian wealthy pay taxes. Their citizens can order medicine from abroad to save money, unlike the people in the United States. Russian children attend college for a nominal price. There are no predatory student loans in Russia. Russia, through their BRICS affiliation, is transforming their economy into a gold-backed economy, although they do have a long way to go.

Putin puts his people first, as evidenced by the fact that Russia recently conducted a civil defense drill in which 40 million Russians were taken underground in order to survive a nuclear attack, leaving us to ask Obama, where are our bunkers?

Russia restricts immigration to people who can make a real contribution to theircountry. Sharia law is not tolerated in any form and Russia refuses to be a repository for UN forced immigration designed to destroy the culture of the host country as we are seeing in Europe and beginning to see here in America.

I just reread what I wrote here and I feel like Rip Van Winkle who just woke up and I discovered that I am living in a foreign country.

I have no desire to call Russia my country, I do not identify with Putin. for example, when I ever so briefly watch the Olympics and Russia and the USA are competing, I root for the USA everytime. However, it is time to admit the truth, Russia is moving in the direction of freedom for its citizens and America has already become an abject police state.

I mourn for my lost country. There are those of you who old enough to remember that for decades Russia was the symbol of political oppression. Russia represented everything that we hoped to avoid. Communism has a new home and it is called the DNC that has hijacked our government on behalf of the New World Order.

Putin Will Not Be Provoked Into StartingWorld War III

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One Response to “Obama Is Down to His Last Option…”Yesterday, Wells Fargo bank, was hit by a massive cyber attack. I believe that this is the opening salvo for which the Russians will receive the blame. the grid is next.””

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Just NOW waking up there … Rip ? Ya. Your country’s BEEN totally shot for sometime now. There’s a solution though … but you’ve been PROGRAMMED to be afraid of being called a “name” by a bunch of brain dead libtards if you MENTION the SOLUTION. Now … don’t be afraid of the dark. Stand up and act tough. You’re a “big boy” now !

    Here’s the SOLUTION :

    1. WANT a new modern Mayberry / 1950’s America in your heart mind and spirit.
    2. Focus WAY MORE on LOCAL elections. Stop giving all the power to WHOEVER GETS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Really really get involved in ALL state and local elections. Form campaign help groups for the RIGHT candidates. Make SURE those candidates are Christian, and want to DEPORT ALL SATANISTS MUSLIMS AND ILLEGALS.
    3. Divide America into 3 parts :
    The Confederate States Of America = an enlarged 15 state version of the old CSA, for WHITE Christian patriots ONLY.
    The Christian Republic Of America = the west 1/2 of the country for Christians of ALL races.
    The Progressive Republic Of America = the northeast part of the country for “everyone else.”

    If you don’t do this America AS A WHOLE is finished. It’s too 3rd world invaded, fractured, brainwashed, chem trailed, gmo’d, fluoridated wi fi’d hip hop’d feminized common cored and neutered. Even it’s “watchmen” are afraid to man up and say ( 100 % of, )what needs to be said.

    See : Leagueofthesouth and Vdare


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