Winter is coming back: Blizzard will bury New England under two feet of snow today, ahead of a bitterly cold New Year that could see a record-breaking 48 states below freezing…(Dang “Global Warming”)

Thursday, December 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

Blizzards will hit New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine Thursday evening
Snow will continue until Friday morning dropping one to two feet
Other areas of New England may feel winds of up to 50mph, but less snow
The first week of 2017 looks set to be the coldest ever across the continental U.S.
All 48 states look set to fall below freezing; only parts of three states may escape
Those areas include parts of California, Nevada and south Florida

29 December 2016

Despite a mild Christmas in some parts of the U.S., winter will return with a vengeance this weekend as a blizzard batters New England and temperatures are expected to plummet across the continental states.

Temperatures are likely to drop to record lows in the first week of 2017, leaving at least some of all 48 of the contiguous U.S. at 32 degrees or under.

But before then New England will spend Thursday through Friday in the middle of blizzard conditions that will drop as much as two feet of snow on several of its states.

Blisteringly cold winds and thick snow will hit New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine Thursday evening, with most of those states receiving between one and two feet of powder.

The blizzard – which will have winds of at least 35 miles per hour – will press on to midday Friday, causing extensive travel disruptions and the threat of power outages.

Visibility could drop as low as a quarter of a mile or less for three hours, the data – provided by AccuWeather – said.

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