X22 Report: We Might See Multiple Events in the Month of January 2017

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
By Paul Martin

The case against Clinton’s emails has been re-opened and now the ball is Trump’s court.
Facebook’s fake news checker went haywire as it reported on a rumor and called it a fact checked piece of news, which turned out to be fake.
Soros and Gates are funding the fake news fact checking systems.
During the election year in Germany Angela Merkel is setting up a fake news fact check system.
China shows off its new jet which will compete against the US F-35.
US supplies additional weapons to the Kurds in Syria.
Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey agree on a county wide ceasefire.
Russian Embassy was shelled multiple times in Syria.
Obama ready to issue sanctions against Russia, he is also planning some sort of cyber attack.
As January 2017 approaches we might see multiple events occur, here in the US and in the Europe.

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