Obama Just Positioned Israel and Entire Middle East For a Horribly Bloody War (Video)

Monday, December 26, 2016
By Paul Martin


Since the day he first took office, Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at virtually every long standing U.S. tradition, upended decades worth of foreign policy decisions that were paid for with the lives of thousands of our nation’s finest as well as trillions of dollars in American taxpayers’ money (back when they all still had jobs), has divided this country in a way unlike anything I’ve seen during my 40 years on this planet, and he’s done all of it with the full support of a grossly corrupt and dishonest mainstream media that didn’t tell Americans the truth about virtually any of it.

Even with almost 100 million Americans out of work, our smallest military since the 1940’s, social unrest that’s reached critical mass and is poised to blow, because of how dishonest the media is, the overwhelming vast majority of Americans still have no any idea the extent of the destruction Obama has left in his wake, and they probably won’t know until it’s far too late. Many experts predicted that Obama would be more defiant than ever before during the closing days of presidency, but few thought Obama would go as far as he just did this past week.

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