Creating the Narrative: Blaming Russia for Hillary’s Loss

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
By Paul Martin

Jeremiah Johnson
December 7th, 2016

We have already seen a tremendous amount of finger-pointing by the mainstream media (MSM) at the alternative/independent news media of being “complicit with Russian propaganda” regarding the presidential election. and several hundred other websites and blogs are implicated by the MSM as taking orders directly from Russia.

I take artistic license and hereby dub the MSM as being “Marxist State Media,” with the term being inclusive of the Television and Newspaper outlets. The term also includes the endless online Marxist proselytizing found on Facebook, Google (Zuckerberg owns it; therefore, Zuckerberg directs it), and other sites in the name of “social justice” or “benefit to the community.”

The Democrats have already accused Russia of tampering with the election. As pointed out in other articles, the DHS (who nobly “volunteered” to help the states monitor the elections) said that tampering occurred. Now we have a challenge to the electoral votes and the popular vote by Jill Stein, of course supported by (driven by) Hillary Clinton. Of course, the Russians were prohibited from monitoring the election, threatened by the Justice Department with potential charges if they did so for “tampering with the election.”

So, the Russians were prohibited from monitoring the election for tampering while simultaneously accused of tampering with it by the Democrats – those who really tampered with it.

To further take the narrative, an open question is posed for you, the Readers: Have you noticed an increase in the claims of “hacking” and “security issues” with the major websites? Please share with us your experiences, if such is the case.

Yahoo is adamant about “changing your password and increasing your security.” They want to verify your telephone number ad infinitum. Why? Why all the sudden increased “security” measures?

I’ll tell you why: Since the ICANN takeover in October of this year, the whole Internet is in “disarray,” (uncontrolled) and these engines must “feed” the Chinese data on 320 million Americans…passwords, telephone numbers, etc. …so that the Chinese and the rest of ICANN can put the screws to us.

But wait, there’s more: by setting it up to look as though the whole United States Internet infrastructure is “compromised” and “unsecured,” they can craft this, spinning it within the fabric of the narrative to tie in with the voting machines to claim the whole election was hacked and compromised.

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