High Altitude Ballooning Experiment…” And derivatives monster – you better be sitting down for this one – because it’s grown to in excess of a staggering $2 quadrillion.”

Monday, October 31, 2016
By Paul Martin

Monday, 31 October 2016

It’s a record; the global debt colossus is now in excess of $152 trillion. And derivatives monster – you better be sitting down for this one – because it’s grown to in excess of a staggering $2 quadrillion. There’s no putting this into perspective anymore other than characterizing the situation as a high altitude ballooning experiment that has spiraled out of control – dangerously out of control. Don’t try and tell this to the globalists of the world however; they want to borrow more in perpetuity (see example here), and they hope you are sufficiently distracted not to notice (see example here). What’s more, with Trump on the rise, looking like he will get the populist vote, the globalists are turning up the volume while they still can via propaganda, bad policy initiatives, and trickery – making their current make work (debt) program (and distraction) the most dangerous ever undertaken (in desperation) – the manufacture of World War III (WWIII). (i.e. the Dems will never follow through.)

Visions of sugar cookies are dancing in neocons heads on this prospect – after all – it’s almost Christmas right.

And if that doesn’t work to scare the plebs into voting for Hillary, the status quo will just have to blame Putin if the election doesn’t turn out right, which is why they demonize him, every chance they get. No doubt they will continue this ploy. The question is ‘would they get away with it?’ Because calling the election a fraud on this basis and instituting martial law would not go over well – big time. This is big idea behind keeping non-internal polls close, so when the deep state attempts to steel the election from Trump via fraud (they will play the Electoral College card again), it will look plausible esthetically / logistically in the mainstream. Because if the true popular vote was allowed to be reflected in the poles today – Trump would have his landslide (not just a marginal lead) – where he would get the ‘swing vote’ at the end. A surprisingly large percentage of voters are incredibly insecure social creatures that need to be on the ‘winning team’ no matter who they are – believe it or not.

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