Fears of “False Flag” to Distract from Hillary ordeal as National Guardsmen in multiple states get call-up for 3:30 AM tomorrow – Multiple Military Convoys departing Multiple bases throughout USA

Saturday, October 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

Oct 28, 2016

The Internet has begun roaring with postings from people all over the country, reporting multiple and very large military convoys on the move, National Guardsmen being called-up and ordered to report at 3:30 AM Saturday Morning, and tremendous amounts of unusual activity at almost every major US military installation in the 48 contiguous states.

Some conspiracy-types believe there is a horrific “false flag attack” being prepared to divert the public’s attention from the disastrous news about Hillary CLinton today. If those Conspiracy Theorists are correct, what kind of false flag attack might divert the attention of the entire country for a week or two? Something huge!

Here is a typical example of the growing flood of postings about these sudden military actions:

2 National Guard “friends” have been activated to depart their home at 3:30am. Cannot say a lot but know this……..the scramble is on to steal the news cycle for 3-6 days.

The aftermath will be horrid.

It won’t matter who is “elected” after this event.

I live near a MAJOR military installation and on top of the activation we have convoy after convoy moving through Southern KY and Northern TN.

Other folks, posting similar thoughts, have been met with replies such as this one below:

I knew this would be next. The Dallas shootings did the same thing, but it’s getting really out of hand for her, so she’s got to pull something big. Nuke a US city to start a war? That would take everybody’s mind off of Anthony’s wiener. God help us.

If you live near a large US military base, and you see or hear unusual activity which indicates a possible mobilization of troops, please use the comment area below to report it publicly, or use our email address newsroom@superstation95.com to report it privately. If you have photos or video, you can attach them.

UPDATE 1:27 AM EDT 29 OCTOBER 2016 —

Hillary, Obama, and Biden have cleared all personal appearances after Oct 31st. Looks like war friends.

Yes we know the FBI is reopening the Hillary case. While it appears on the surface to be a big deal; it may actually be too little, too late.

The cleared schedules smell of war or national emergency.

Of course, shills can make all the excuses they want but this is as plain as day.

Incidentally, the Russian Navy attack force is ahead of schedule and already in the Mediterranean heading for Syria.

Batter up…………

More . . . .

According to the Hacker group “Anonymous” the next email leak implicates both Hillary and Obama in High Treason!

Could they be willing to start WW3 to deflect and stay out of Prison? Some people don’t doubt it for a second.

Buckle up people, obviously we don’t know exactly whats going on but it’s best to make sure your Preps are in order.

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