BREAKING NEWS: WW III EMP USA Russian Navy To Be Sunk? Diego Garcia Air Attack Aleppo No Fly Zone Syria

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
By Paul Martin
Oct 25, 2016

This hysteria over supposedly Russian-generated cyber-warfare is part and parcel of the new cold war campaign being waged by a coalition of neoconservatives and Clinton “progressives.” Hillary, in her last foreign policy speech, took it so far as to threaten military action against the Russians in retaliation for these supposedly Russian cyber-attacks. Think about what this means: we could be engaged in a nuclear standoff with the Russians on the basis of “intelligence” that makes the “intel” cooked up by the neocons to lie us into the Iraq war look rock solid.

This underscores the utter recklessness of Hillary Clinton’s quest for power: she is willing to risk World War III with the Russians in order to facilitate her road to the White House. Whether she actually believes her own rhetoric is an open question: if she really thinks the Kremlin is out to block her route to power, her victory at the polls would give scope to her legendary vindictiveness.

This debate defined the parameters of the election, and showed us the stakes. On one side is a somewhat inconsistent yet sincere advocate of a fundamental change in our foreign policy of global intervention. Trump’s chief concern is with “making America great again” – within its own borders. Hillary Clinton wants more of the same old imperialistic nonsense that has cost us so much and driven us to the brink of bankruptcy. She wants to make the American empire great again – pushing into Syria, confronting the Russians, and letting our “allies” drain us of our life’s blood.

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