How to Boycott the New World Order

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 28th, 2016

Michael Savage has been eliminated from the broadcasting landscape. More prominent broadcasters will surely follow. Youtube and Facebook have banned the work of The Common Sense Show, for daring to relate stories of how small communities have defeated the globalists. Complete censorship has entered the doorway of the Independent Media. Is there anything that can be done? Can humanity get off its backside and strike back at the evil empire?

The Art of Effective Protesting Is Largely Dead In the Water

The art of protesting is an American institution. However, and for various reasons, America has lost her way. We have become a nation of sheep being systematically led to the slaughter.

The globalists have clearly revealed their intentions toward us should they ever gain total control. The game is called depopulation. Everyone from Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to Ted Turner have expressed their disdain for humanity along with their intention to eliminate 95% of all people on the earth when presented the opportunity.

Total Control Equals Economic Dominance

Until the globalists have achieved the elimination of all fiat currencies and replace them with a 666 mark of the beast digitized currency, they will not be in position to totally carry out their depopulation agenda.

Subsequently, there is a window for humanity to react. Humanity does not have the weapons or technology needed to military defeat the globalists. However, there is one thing that we have absolute control over and that is the control of the purse strings. We have an opportunity to drive a stake in their immediate plans.

How do we do that? Simple, we boycott all globalist corporations as much as possible. I know that some will say that is an impossible task. I do not think so. The average corporation has a profit margin of 4%. Therefore, if we managed to cut into the globalist corporations with only a 5% market penetration, we could economically get their attention. For example, WABC, the broadcast group that pulled the plug on Michael Savage could easily be brought to their knees. If listeners in tri-state area that listens to Savage’s nation broadcast would write to all sponsors of this media outlet, we could quickly bring them to their knees.

Imagine if we applied this principle to Walmart, Transgender bathroom promoting Target, Bank of American, the criminal Wells Fargo and their 5300 money laundering accounts. We need to avoid anything corporate as much as possible. We need to eat out at Dolly’s Diner instead of Chili’s. Do not shop at the Walmart’s, K-Mart’s the other globalist slave marts.

In short, we need to make the globalists as broke as they have made us

More details are provided in the video below.

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