Sunday, September 25, 2016
By Paul Martin

Amber William
September 25, 2016

Martial law is coming to america and we can’t do much to stop it! The NWO is controlling the media and telling the sheeple that their is nothing bad happening in our country!

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Some dismiss it as fear porn incessantly pumped out on the internet, constantly warning Americans that dictator Obama has a sinister design to create a national crisis in order to declare martial law as a means of canceling November’s election and thereby stay in power. Of course that kind of conspiracy theory speculation has only been fueled by this summer’s rise of alleged terrorist attacks and staged mass shootings skyrocketing both in America and across the globe. After the bloodiest Ramadan month on record, near daily terrorist attacks and mass killings are now striking Germany, France, Sweden and Japan like never before. The latest victim was anelderly priest, his throat slashed in his Catholic church by an electronic ankle bracelet wearing ISIS terrorist in a sleepy French village in Normandy. In Japan a knife-wielding killer on a rampage murdered 19 mentally disabled people and wounded 45 more, calling it a mercy killing for their overburdened caregivers.
This year the globalists have been working overtime, stepping up Western state sponsored terrorism attacks around the globe using their Islamic jihadists and deranged extremists as their regular go-to patsies. The hundreds of terrorist cells embedded in the millions of migrating refugees still pouring into Europe and America have Merkel and Obama still welcoming them with open arms, just as their puppet masters pulling their strings demand, while the entire world knows it’s reaping disastrous consequences. Yet the madness, turpitude and destruction committed at the highest levels of power every day are impervious to the will of the people and immune from any real accountability.

And though just prior to uttering those words, Obama spoke of doubling the size of the Peace Corps and near quadrupling AmeriCorps, the then presidential candidate was drawing upon his experience as a Chicago community organizer. But Obama’s youthful past also indicates he is steeped in ideological indoctrination by the likes of a Communist sympathizing mentor [and oft debatable biological father] Frank Marshal Davis as well as Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. So in 2008 candidate Obama envisioning exponential growth under his presidential watch of the deep security state control apparatus – Homeland Security, state and municipal fusion centers, an expanding army of private security civilian contractors and swelling militarized “civilian” police force – should not come as a surprise to anyone at all. And now that many of us realize that Barack Hussein Obama rode in on a Trojan horse preying on America’s hopes, the damage he’s inflicted on our nation is both grave and severe. But with a few more months still left prior to the end of his second term in office, a growing number of Americans are seeing that the shit is just now hitting the fan and the worst is yet to come.

The 2016 presidential campaign has thoroughly exposed the corrupt and rancid two party political system in America where citizens’ votes don’t matter at all. The game’s been electronically rigged ever since George W’s two stolen elections at the start of this century. Recently hacked DNC emails have stripped crime boss Hillary naked as a J-bird, gradually to the public rendering her unelectable despite AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Comey’s elite-ordered “pardons” from serving any jail time. While recent polls are showing Trump ahead of the blood-soaked Clinton duo, the race to foment and cause open rebellion and violent civil disturbance in the US before the fall election has the “summer of chaos” in full swing now. Government staged police shootings (as both victims and murderers) in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Tennessee, Minnesota timed with the two presidential convention fiascos reveal a highly splintered, polarized, confused and upset nation like never before.

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