EU Globalists Are About to Have Their Doors KICKED Down!

Monday, August 29, 2016
By Paul Martin
August 29, 2016

A Very Bad Year for Globalism
2016 is one of the worst years for the globalist agenda in decades. Think about it: first Trump wrecked most of their US candidates, then Brexit tore the EU plutocrats a new orifice, and there’s still over 4 months left to go!
Every time that globalism has been defeated, it has been at the hands of nationalist and populist revolts among the “peasantry”, and another such defeat is now looming for them in Europe, and they know it!
In today’s article I’ll tell you what will likely happen in their next defeat, and what’s more, I’ll give you the date on which it will occur:

Submitted by The Wealth Watchman:

The Insurgency Continues

First a quick recap. You’ll remember that several months ago, I wrote an article detailing how a Brexit was a fairly likely scenario(back when few others thought it possible), and lo and behold, that’s precisely what occurred. Well, that Brexit victory has done two important things:

1) It has made globalists howl across Europe, and

2) Given nationalist/populists the taste for victory!

Nationalists in over a dozen European countries have already been emboldened by huge electoral victories, but Brexit(an actual secession from the European Union!) was the master stroke! The impossible had been achieved against Brussels, Merkel, the MSM, and the oligarch class.

Suddenly, for the first time in decades, the “inevitable” march of greater world government didn’t seem so inevitable anymore. Right?

Well, get ready, because another huge nationalist victory likely looms in the not too distant future, and this time, it will be twin blows against the EU establishment. First, let’s discuss blow #1.

Hungary Lights the Fire

This man knows the score, as we’ve covered before.

His name is Viktor Orban. He’s the current Prime Minister of Hungary, and he’s an ardent warrior for national sovereignty, and against globalism.

His lengthy list of victories on behalf of his people include:

Paying down Hungary’s IMF debts early(and then kicking them out of his country)…

Signing new trade deals with Russia(at the height of anti-Russian hysteria in Europe)…

Signing a pact with Russia ensuring their new gas pipeline could run through Hungary…

Protecting the retirement funds of Hungarian citizens from the big banks…

Building a wall on the southern border of Hungary, keeping over 1 million Muslim migrants out…

It is that last one he is now most famous for. Against pressures all over Europe, he ordered the wall’s construction(which was finished in less than one month), and now, as France, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, and Britain all are wracked by bloody terrorist attacks and tens of thousands of sexual assaults…guess which country has experienced none of that?

Yup, Hungary.

Walls work.

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