Is the Fed Being Torn Down in Order to Create a New, Powerful Global Entity?

Friday, August 26, 2016
By Paul Martin
August 26, 2016

Are anti-Fed articles appearing in mainstream publications part of an extended program of tearing down the Fed in order to remake it as part of a global central bank?

Recently published anti-Fed arguments and their nearer-term motives have been commented on with considerable accuracy by various alternative-media entities. These arguments are compellingly presented. But step back, please.

It is difficult to avoid concluding – if one examines events from the requisite altitude – that the current system will eventually give way to something more homogenized. Perhaps the IMF will take the lead, or perhaps the Fed and other powerful central banks will be more fully integrated under the supervision of the International Monetary Fund.

No matter the disasters of ever-larger bureaucratic, price-fixing entities, the solution is always seen to be even more centralization. The bigger the better: As if somehow technocratic corporatism and its affiliated bureaucracy are going to succeed when they finally accumulate enough power.

Ordo ab chao …

And thus the tearing down proceeds apace. Does anyone really believe, for instance, that at the topmost level, people were not aware that posting an unmonitored Fed Facebook page would attract serious opposition (here)?

Is it some sort of secret that many are generally are disgusted with central banking and the Fed in particular? We are supposed to believe that an organization that can send $16 trillion around the world as it chooses (here) is incompetent about even the rudiments of public relations?

Before the big meeting at Jackson Hole that ends this weekend, (here) prominent negative news has been featured regarding the Fed. The article regarding the Fed’s Facebook trolls was posted at US News and World Report. But other anti-Fed articles have attracted attention.

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