Governments Preparing for Big Global Event: Putin is now Dismantling Russian Central Bank and alongside Rothschild the Petrodollar. Rothschild´s Hegelian War Dialectics at Work

Thursday, August 25, 2016
By Paul Martin
August 25, 2016

Abstract: Following the call of the Government of Germany for citizens to store food and water for 10 days and the announcement that it is preparing to let the military take over police tasks, it turns out that Russia, China and the US are also preparing their citizens for war. The tone between East and West is getting harsher – Putin threatens a preemptive strike, and strong US political and military forces are demanding the US to kill Russians in Syria and deploy ground troops there because their ISIS allies are losing the war.

Many analysts expect an upcoming NATO-Russia war, emanating from Syria.
This is in full compliance with the biblical end-time prophecies – which can not be surprising since the development is steered by Pharisee/ Masonic forces: Their goal is the coming of their Luciferian Israeli Ben David to rule the world. However that can happen only in the blood gush of Armageddon. But that is also the sign of the second coming of Christ.
As always, their method ist the Hegelian dialectics: West against East. Synthesis: The Communist Agenda 21 NWO.

The secular causes are, however 1) the position of US petrodollar: the backbone of the superpower status of the USA 2) the position of Rothschild´s central banks. If rogue states bypass the dollar for oil trade or do not want a Rothschild central bank, they are attacked by Rothschild/Rockefeller´s private army, NATO (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria).

After an apparent longer strife between Rothschild (Khodorkovsky, Yukos equities) and the King of Pharisaic Jews, Putin, Putin has now made himself a new Stalin, purging his opponents , but still leading a government of many Jewish oligarchs.
Putin has now quite silently decided to drop Rothschild´s Russian central bank and print rubles independently of Rothschild´s US FED, which today is limiting Russia´s money supply ad absurdum.

This means Russia has created a cause for war with Rothschild´s NATO, as Putin is scuttling Rothschild´s dollar for which Rothschild has waged war on the US, murdered US presidents, and by which he has brought the US to the verge of economic collapse. Reason: Dollar (and all other money printing) is issuing of debt to Rothschild – and interest is now stifling the world´s economies.

But now comes the paradox: Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs founded the BRIC club of states – made a lot of money by looting them and having them trade with each other in their own currencies – dodging the dollar. Now all of a sudden, Goldman Sachs pulls the plug of the BRIC fund – finishing the BRIC, leaving these countries to be individually further looted by Rothschild´s IMF and GEF!
One more paradox: Jacob Rothschild admits the chaos created by his own central banks, sells dollars and buys gold: Rothschild is obviously scuttling the dollar of his own FED!!

The Daily Bell supposes that Rothschild is engineering Putin´s dollar War! – and thus is extending his own dollar war – in order to have the dollar as the world´s reserve currency exchanged in favor of the SDRs of his IMF. Therefore, China´s dollar competitor, the AIIB Bank, is cooperating with Rothschild´s IMF.

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