Whirled Politics: Would you rather be Trumped or Pillaried?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
By Paul Martin

By David Haggith
August 22, 2016

I’ve never seen anything so surreal as the United States’ current political circus of unelectable and undelectable candidates offered as each party’s top of the crop. I can’t stop wondering if the Trump is Clinton’s decoy, gathering all the Republiducks into one place so the Democats can slaughter them. Yet, as surely as Trump looks like he’s trying to throw the election, Hillary looks like she’s going to fall over unconscious from a brain aneurysm on the dawn of election day … or on midnight after the votes are in and counted, depending on which conspiracy you like best.

Equally weird is the certain fact that the Democrat’s Chosen One was assured her party’s worship through inside engineering. I’m not surprised such maneuvering happens inside political parties but that, after it came fully into the open, Hillary seems more likely to win.

That she was able to take the Democrat who was most to blame (and who resigned because of it) and raise her quite publicly and immediately to the top of her campaign goes to show how voters believe this is just the way party politics works all the time. Hillary made that move openly, knowing that most people in her party couldn’t care less about such things. She even got a big bump in popularity after the move. That’s how little such shenanigans mattered to her supporters.

The Trump — What a card!

That the irony is everywhere is unsettling. If I were writing a novel, I couldn’t pick a better name for an unlikable, self-aggrandizing, megalomaniac presidential candidate than “Trump.” He has the sole virtue of sounding anti-establishment at a time when people crave a strongman who can save the nation from its own craven greed now that it has lived for decades above its means.

Then there is the irony that, having been clobbered by a rich, self-serving one percent who were too big to fail, the masses run to whom? A billionaire who is a member of the one percent who has spent his entire life serving only himself and bragging to the world that he’s the greatest man who ever lived. The more he brags that he’s rich, “really rich,” the more people flock to him to save them from a world dying under the strains of unbridled greed.

And, yes, there is the irony that the man named “Trump” spends his entire life blowing his own horn as brazenly as he can.

I’m not suggesting the Trump should stay with statements the mainstream media will approve, but his move toward more extreme statements as he nears the main election looks a lot like a guy whose plan is to throw the election by becoming less likable, as if he never really wanted to win. I wonder Is this all just another clownish Trump publicity stunt like his past pretenses of running? (Speaking out against crying babies is hardly a bold policy statement. It just seemed cold and clumsy. Awkward!)

Clearly, this is far from a normal election year:

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