If Trump Loses, It’s Going To Be A New America

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Frosty Wooldridge
AUGUST 22, 2016

Tucker Carlson, host and journalist for FOX News said, “If Trump loses, it’s going to be a new America.”

No truer statement could be said about America’s fate in the 21st century. If Hillary Clinton wins, she promises to bring in 100,000 more Syrian Muslim refugees if not more during her four-year term. She promises total amnesty for 20 to 30 million illegal aliens. She stands with Muslims like Khizr Khan who openly advocates for Sharia Law being implemented into America to supplant U.S. Constitutional law. Hillary Clinton works for open borders to create an even greater flow of all immigrants into America.

The results of Hillary Clinton’s immigration juggernaut will be a whopping 100,000,000 (million) third world immigrants from 190 different countries imported into the United States of America within 30 years. We will jump from 324 million in 2016 to 438 million by 2050. One hundred million of that number will be legal immigrants and their children, plus chain-migrated relatives. Those demographic facts face our children or anyone around the age of 30 today. (Sources: US Census Bureau, U.S. Population Projections by Fogel/Martin, Roy Beck, www.NumbersUSA.org, www.CapsWeb.org)

If Trump loses, it will be “everybody’s America” but it won’t be America with Americans anymore. It will become a polyglot of incompatible races, cultures and religions—fighting among themselves for power and position. No one will be pulling in the same direction because they will all be pulling toward multiple directions. You may call it an “international free-for-all” within our country.

Muslims will work to establish Sharia Law as their numbers grow by using the power of the ballot box. They’ll create parallel societies completely at odds with U.S. Constitutional law.

Latinos will work for Spanish as the national language because they will become the majority ethnic group by 2042—a scant 26 years from now. They will work for de facto Mexican dominance in the Southwest to return at least four states back under Mexican rule.

Black Lives Matter and other organizations like the Black Panthers will disrupt cities with violence at the drop of a hat.

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