Dr. Willie: U.S. Elites Are Losing All Their Power (Video)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
By Paul Martin

August 23, 2016

In the following video, Elijah Johnson asks Dr. Willie the question that every single American SHOULD be asking right now, because the answer will turn out to be one of the single most important turning events in human history. Unfortunately, because of our awful education system, our corrupt political establishment, and our horribly dishonest media, most Americans don’t even understand the question, much less the answer.

The question Elijah asks Dr. Willie, is, “What will happen to the U.S. political establishment’s power once the U.S. Dollar loses World Reserve Status?” The issue Elijah brings up is one I’ve tried to bring awareness to for close to two years, because time is running out, and FAST.

As Dr. Willie explains, the power of the elite in this country, or any other really, is derived from the barrel of a gun for lack of a better way to put it. It is the awesome economic and military might from which this country gets all its strength, and the same goes for the political elites within the system. In the video below, Dr. Willie explains that if, but WHEN the United States loses its status as the Global Reserve Currency, our government will be forced to increase its activities in an area most don’t like to talk about: its narcotic sales.

The United States government does a tremendous amount of narcotic traffic around the world, but it will be forced to do more because our economy is already in shambles, and our military still devours over $800 BILLION per year to maintain. Under Obama the economy has grown at an average of 1.5% annually, and that’s using the numbers Obama provides, which means in all likelihood, the economy has really been shrinking throughout his entire term. We all know Obama doesn’t tend to be honest about much of anything.

Some Americans might be “offended” to hear that our government would resort to even more narcotics trade to support itself, but that should be the last thing Americans are worried about. Just like Detroit was once the marvel of the manufacturing world, as Michael Snyder illustrates in the article below, so was the United States. However, once the U.S. Dollar looses it’s status, just like Detroit, all of America will become an eyesore of the West, with crime and poverty running wild.

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