Weekend ‘Pep Talk’ – We Are Winning, and Won’t Be Stopped

Monday, August 22, 2016
By Paul Martin

By: Andrew Hoffman
August 22, 2016

This weekend, I’m going to act as your “spirit guide,” in our ongoing quest to save ourselves from the Hitler-esque “elites” that have commandeered monetary policy and financial markets – in the process, destroying global economic activity, political stability, and fiat purchasing power. This same scenario has played out hundreds of times throughout history, with the same ultimate result. Which is, total destruction of citizens’ savings, and a total loss of faith in the governments and Central banks issuing them. Only this time, for the first time in history, not a single nation’s currency is backed by anything except faith – which is rapidly collapsing, as the average global currency is at, near, or in many cases well below its all-time low valuation. And for those that think I’m “puffing,” here’s proof of what I speak. First, the average currency decline against the U.S. dollar – i.e., the “reserve currency” that’s been printed more than any other – since the 2008 crisis, of a whopping 42%.

Next, a chart showing that on average, gold prices in the world’s major currencies are trading a mere 3% below the all-time highs established in 2011-12. With the notable laggard being gold in said “reserve currency” – which is still down 30% from its 2011 high because the U.S. is the focal point of the Cartel’s suppression operations. Like all financial assets, higher prices prompt rising demand. Thus, you can be sure that whatever “weakness” is currently being experienced in U.S. gold and silver demand, is being more than made up for overseas, where the other 95% of the world’s population resides. Which, I might add, is why it’s utterly ridiculous when “analysts” claim gold’s demand is directly correlated to the dollar’s exchange rate with foreign currencies; particularly the Yen, which is purposely self-destructing; and the Euro, which may not even exist a year from now.

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