Anarchist “King” George’s Powder Keg

Thursday, August 18, 2016
By Paul Martin

AUGUST 18, 2016

“Democrats know: Say the lie loud enough—and long enough—and it filters down as truth to the low-information voter.” — The author, from “Hillary’s Presidential Run: No Joke?”

In the rainbow flag of diversity, the only color that matters to progressives is green—and specifically what chaos all those spent dollars foment. This includes globalist billionaire George Soros. On the international stage, he’s anti-Israel, pro-radical Islam, and pro-refugee crisis plaguing Europe. Apparently, he sees business opportunities in disrupting Western societies the world over. This includes America.

Ah, Democrats and their endlessly hacked files. Of 2,500 recently stolen from kingmaker Soros’ non-profit—his Orwellian-sounding Foundation to Promote Open Society (OSF)—one such obtained gem shows a $7.7 million investment in surrogates who pushed for the Senate’s 2013 comprehensive reform bill (an illegal alien amnesty measure passed in the upper chamber by 68-32, but ignored by the House). At the time, the failed effort was promoted in the press as “groundbreaking” (because it was introduced by the bi-partisan “Gang of Eight”), yet, Mr. Soros valued the optics for societal manipulation: even a whiff of citizenship acts as a magnet to attract more unwelcome squatters across our lawless, porous borders. A financial drain and criminality always accompany this underclass of invaders. This dynamic well serves billionaire Soros’ troublemaking endgame.

Beyond the beltway bubble, Mr. Soros finances the domestic terrorism of the anti-life Black Lives Matter. For his 33 million for “social justice,” malcontents received national media coverage for the jarring images of an aggrieved, violent mob burning Ferguson, MO, to the ground. This circumstance created the false narrative that America is still a racist society (circa a 1963 time warp). How is this possible in 2016, with a black man cooling his heels in the White House for almost two presidential terms? The obvious truth of tolerance belies Mr. Soros’ big lie. We have never needed his or Mr. Obama’s rabble-rousing “fundamental transformation of America.”

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