Like Clinton, John Kerry Has a New Political Strategy and It’s Working

Saturday, August 13, 2016
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
Aug. 13, 2016

You remember John Kerry, “We will not close the borders and airport travel from West Africa, no matter how bad it gets. You young soldiers serve in a borderless world….controlled by the UN” This is what he told a military academy at graduation last June.

Secretary of State John Kerry has a new strategy, just like Hillary Clinton. Hillary is now beginning to agree with Trump on issues like free trade agreements, when she came out yesterday and said she was opposed to the TPP.

Kerry has even a better strategy. Make Love, Not War! We no longer confront our enemies, at today’s State Department, we marry them! Yes, that is correct, John Kerry marries off family members to the enemy. Maybe this is why he wants totally open borders because on behalf of the NWO, he needs to import more son-in-laws for his other daughters to marry as gives away American national security to our enemies under the guise of marriage vows.

The details are in the video.

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