Quayle Alert:The worst part about discovering the true history about our people, our nation, our world, is that we have been lied to from the beginning and now the Orwellian condition has fully kicked in.

Friday, August 12, 2016
By Paul Martin

Aug 11, 2016

Russia is a monster waiting to be set loose upon us and i’m not even going to start on China. We fear terrorist like ISIS but honestly, the whole country or the whole world for that matter, does not really understand fear yet. Our societies clash with terrorists and we honestly tolerate them to an extent because for the most part, their forces are land locked, and the terrorist organizations, like ISIS, rely to heavily upon “lone wolf” style attacks from sympathizers in major western countries. Yes it makes the news but these people are cowards, they are dogs.

We have not had conflict from an invading/occupying force like the British for 200 years now. We expect everyone to fear our might and respect our power based off of historical victories in battles and wars that the U.S. has fought in at both home and abroad. We think we are invicible. That will be our downfall, like all the former Empires of Antiquity such as BABYLON, ASSYRIA,PERSIA, GREECE , EGYPT,ROME,CHINA RUSSIA AND ALL THE OTHER EMPIRES THROUGHOUT TIME, along with every other great nation state and their leaders that have risen and fallen through out history. Remember Babylon the great? They are no more, and we are following in those same footsteps that all these nation’s took before their total annihilation.

God is not a respecter of men, or nation’s for that matter. He will send an army that will cripple us, thus hopefully humbling us and no matter how great we are as a military force we will not defeat God’s will. However, to those who think you can win because you are as godless, like our corrupt leaders, let me give you a little military insight on Russia, and just the one attack that they would have to pull off.

Russia is just as advanced in their weapons and training as we are and although they don’t match us soldier to soldier in numbers, they do have more tanks, just as many planes and helicopters, and almost an equal amount in naval power and numbers in drones. Not to mention autonomous tanks… It would be super nation versus super nation and then ally versus ally. You better hope we still have some.

If NATO were demolished and the Russians were the main benefactors of the military control of Europe and their forces, the U.S. would have little to no chance of wining any kid of war against them be it conventional or guerilla. If Russia hits us with a coordinated cyber attack on our infrastructure and froze the banks, stopped the factories, shut down major traffic terminals such as major road ways, some harbors and nearly all major airports, our economy would come to a grinding halt. That means no goods of any kind, more especially the edible kind and seeing as to how most Americans know more about their neighbors buisness, or are too busy living in a state of stupidity, the need to understand how to raise crops and animals has all but been lost to them. Only a small percent can manage a small farm, but they too need some electrical means to power their water systems and produce harvesters. All the Russians would need to do is knock out the power, especially to the west and east coast, and we would be caught so off guard that our means to regain any of those territories would be catastrophic. If the power was knocked out and our defenses offline, the nuclear drone submarines could wipe out our naval assets in the given areas along with coastal bases, thus setting up a naval defense along our coast that would continuously bombard our military as they attempted to regain lost ground. We would lose the eastern and western coast, probably Alaska as well. And that is just the beginning of a naval attack to include air support from their long range bombers. I could write 5 pages about other assualts, like airborne troops and infiltration.

This would all happen after a month or so of the first grid attack, and our food and fresh water supplies would rapidly diminish. I would expect, a cyber grid down scenario followed by mass rioting and looting. Anarchy in every city, in every state. The military and police would be so tied up that our attentions would not be on protecting our shore lines. Given this would be an amazing opportunity for would be terrorists that have dirty bombs, that are well funded and well prepared for this very situation, to start mass killings and release their armies.

Then, what I would expect, after the lights are out, but cars can still move freely and most solar and other electronic producing devices are in full use to help stabilize a crippled nation, would be the real weapon of our demise. The EMP bombs, probably three to make sure the job is done right the first time. Detonated high in the atmosphere and then…lights out.

After the second grid down scenario our country would be dumb, deaf and blind to the first wave of ground forces attacking our shores. And just remember one very important thing, our country was divided well before any of this occured. Our leaders new for years about these doomsday scenarios well before TV shows were made about them. But nothing has been done to protect our grid and the politicians all knew this before it ever happened. The politicians would rather us fight amongst ourselves and settle for serfdom, rather than us coming together and becoming the brave free country, that we never really were, but always wanted to be.

The worst part about discovering the true history about our people, our nation, our world, is that we have been lied to from the beginning and now the Orwellian condition has fully kicked in. Our people honestly believe that we live in a free nation, and that we can be whatever we want to be when we grow up.

Well I grew up, no thanks to the military nor thanks to being a cop, though that had a lot to do with it. No, i grew up after i was saved and gave my life to Jesus at 27 years old and learned our true history. I learned about what a man is really suppose to be like, supposed to be like Christ. I was told i could be anything growing up, better never to be like Jesus Christ.

So now im all grown up, i have gathered years of worldly knowledge, scholary knowledge and common knowledge. I have applied all that i have learned with a now Christian mindset and I only feel ripped off and betrayed by our nation’s “leaders”.

98% of our nation’s leaders are godless harlots who are only leading us to hell fire and brimstone. Years of government service, being told I was making a “better world”..but truth be told its only better for the elite.

So to anyone even still reading this, please do us all a favor and wake up the brother and sister around you to the real madness of our time. Open up your bibles and learn real history, praise God and Jesus. For this will not last forever but our lives will, if you have given your self to Jesus. May God bless all of you and keep you all safe during these dark times.

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