Voters of America, you are being played – BIG TIME.

Monday, August 8, 2016
By Paul Martin

Rachael L. McIntosh
Aug 8, 2016

oters of America, you are being played – BIG TIME.

I’ll start this off with one word: ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Ok, that’s two, but you get my point (I hope). This election for president of the United States of America is already settled. It has been done and over with since last year and this whole circus we are forced to endure is simply theater to the point of, psy-op (psychological operation). And no. I’m not being melodramatic.

Most people walking around fail to realize that the primary/caucus system we have going on here has only been around since 1972. The Constitution of/for the United States of America tells us exactly how the electoral college is the only body that votes for president. (Some of you might appreciate the difference between the word ‘of’ and ‘for’ and I included that for your benefit).

Before 1972, citizens belonged to political parties who would basically act like a sort of mafia (as if that has changed at all) and use a “mixed system” to make backroom deals within their party to figure out who would be representing the party in the presidential election. That’s when family bloodlines (as if that has changed at all) were important and which church you went to, and ‘do you know the so-and-so family?’ was of critical importance. You belonged to a private club. It was only with the advent of TV that people finally got a clue when , “Hey! we live in a Democratic Republic! The People should be picking out who is going to run for President of this great land!”

As we all know, that generation was completely optimistic about changing their world for the better. That’s how we got the sh*t show we have now, namely almost a full year of political coverage where colorful charts and graphs, poll numbers racing up and down, and people being rilled up to the point of hysteria at rallies (or not) are covered obsessively (or not) and projected into the minds of the citizenry. News with computer generated graphics and hosts with expressive facial expressions and body language relate the events to the general population. Some yell at us and some make a joke of it, all in the name of entertainment because that’s what the news technically is – entertainment. That’s why the televised news channels always win lawsuits and can get away with their dramatic delivery which sometimes contains complete falsehoods. And that’s why the news channels (mostly viewed by the Boomer generation who set up this primary system) have teams fastidiously aligning the news outlet with the demographic profile of their viewers. Basically if you are watching the news on TV you are caught in a feedback loop at this point. But that is a whole different blog post so I’ll move on.

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