Saving Empire-USA: The Elite In Government And Business Will Do Anything To Keep It

Monday, August 8, 2016
By Paul Martin

By David Redick
AUGUST 8, 2016

An empire is the ultimate source of power and money for politicians, war-goods producers, and the military. An empire exists when a nation owns or controls other nations or lands. Empires have been rising and falling since the Babylonian empire started in 1,900 BC. It lasted 300 years. There have been 22 more since then, but only one, ‘Empire-USA’, exists today. For details see the link to my article on empires here.

Our political, business, and military ‘leaders’ have gone from concern in the 1990s, to panic since 2005, about the rapid decline of our world-wide economic and military superiority and control. They want an enemy and some action, and will create them with proxy/fake events as needed! This article shows how most of the ‘big-government’ changes in the last ten years are related to boosting their power, and making the citizens more docile and defenseless. For example, citizens’ rights and conduct are subdued by the TSA, police abuses, and gun controls.

The Growth of ‘Empire-USA’

The USA has been building an Empire since the ‘War of 1812’ when Pres. Madison tried to force England out of North America by invading and annexing Canada, but failed due to lack of citizen support. However, the U.S. finally won in 1815 and signed the ‘Treaty of Ghent’, which was a friendly settlement with no changes of territory, and gained us recognition as a ‘real’ country in world politics (not just a bunch of revolutionaries). The next large action was the 1845 ‘Mexican American War’ where we stole the northern half of Mexico (from TX to northern CA). For a list of wars for empire (not defense) see my article here. When England and France were weakened by the expense and damage of WW1, the USA emerged as a financial power, with the US Dollar (USD) the de facto primary world reserve currency. It was formalized in the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement and the USD was then used in about 70% of international transactions! This status allows us to create new money to pay our bills (any Seller will accept it). French leaders called this an ‘exorbitant privilege’, and it was! Since then we have expanded our money supply so much that the ‘purchasing power’ (how many apples a $ will buy, etc.) has dropped by over 95% since the Federal Reserve System started in 1913. Thus items priced in USD have gone up! Our trading partners became concerned about decline of the USD and in the mid-1960s England and France began exchanging paper dollars for our gold (redemption). We were running out of gold so Pres. Nixon ended redemption Aug-1971. The USD became ‘fiat’ (worth what the government decrees, enforced by ‘legal tender’ laws), and the world followed. Whoopee, every nation could make money out of thin air, and we led them all with Fed-based ‘monetary inflation’, followed by market-based ‘price inflation’. As the world’s leading economic and military power, Sellers continued to accept our USD, but at a constantly declining value (as we continued to create more). The effect on pricing is shown by the price of a family car going from $2,000 in the 1970s to $20,000 in 2000, and a room in Motel 6 from $6 to $50!

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