Elite In Full Panic Mode: AOL News, CNN, Facebook, Democrats and Republicans Go On Full-Fledged Anti-Trump Freak-Out! The Onslaught Of Media Attacks Against Trump Are Veering Into Bizzarro Land As They Continue To Shield Their Presumptive Empress From Any Criticism.

Thursday, August 4, 2016
By Paul Martin

August 4th, 2016

Early this morning I happened to be on the AOL News page and decided to look through their headlines for the latest Trump story.

If you ever needed proof the MSM are in a concerted effort to destroy Trump with a constant drumbeat of negative press, I found not one story, but FOUR on their headline page:

“George W. Bush Takes On Trump At Recent Event”

“Trump’s Rating Takes Alarming Drop After Recent Feud”

“Senior GOP Leaders Fear Trump May Drop Out Of Race”

“Political Figure Rips Into Trump: He’s ‘Self-Destructive’”

Like I’ve often said, the MSM are nothing but worthless scum.

Every Headline Story on CNN is now Anti-Trump – They are not even hiding it anymore

Let’s play a quick game… count the ANTI-TRUMP PROPAGANDA ON CNN!\
See how many anti-Trump articles you can spot on the frontpage of CNN (hint: It’s the 99% of the front page):


The Rest…HERE

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