To Serve In The Military Today Means To Swear An Oath To Destroy America And Serve The Global Elite

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
By Paul Martin
July 5, 2016

A few days ago, I watched as Secretary of Defense Carter gave “a major announcement” that transgender people will now be allowed to openly serve in the military. As absurd as this should appear to a rational human, this was their “big” announcement. I admit that I thought for a second this was going to actually be something legitimate the Department of Defense (DoD) was going to unveil like how to win the wars we have been fighting for over a decade and a half. Rather than waste your time like Secretary Carter, I am going to get right to the important point. The military is more concerned with pushing radical political agendas and creating special socially divisive rights for the Democrat’s electoral base than fighting and winning wars. The only way to fix this problem is to utterly abandon the institution. Whether or not you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, this is the time to start drawing lines. Fortunately, this doesn’t require anything beyond quite literally doing nothing. The “most powerful military in the world” can literally be destroyed without firing a shot. To reign in and stop the DoD we must starve it of human and financial capital until such time that it begs for our return on our terms. My thesis argument is that only by utterly rejecting the military establishment by not serving or funding it can we fix it.

To establish a baseline, the DoD no longer serves the interests of the nation we collectively “knew.” It is purely the tool of the elite special interests. Defense contractors use never ending war as a way to perpetually rob the citizens by creating threats and fear that must be answered by an ever growing defense budget. Financial institutions are making billions off of the interest on the debt our nation accumulates paying for needless wars. Other globalists to include the petroleum and fruit industries have historically leveraged the military to force countries to concede to their business interests, which only fuels hostilities toward the US. Still others such as the Saudi and Israeli lobbies use huge campaign donations to buy politicians that will use our men, money, and blood to fight their foreign wars, which makes their foreign problems our domestic ones. Finally, we have a political class that sees insecurity and persistent threats as a way to seize more power while convincing the public to voluntarily give up their Rights for the hollow promises of “security.” In fact, the more attacks and threats, the more power and money these politicians can seize from a brainwashed and apathetic public. Specific to the current Administration, the never ending “War on Terror” has given unprecedented ability to President Obama to implement his radical leftist agenda, which is hell bent on destroying the US and our way of life. Obama, more than any of his predecessors has politicized the military to the detriment of America and it will not cease unless a hard line is drawn. We must resist this de facto coup of our government by what amounts to leftist extremists from within the government.

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