POWDER KEG…”Obama’s essentially defensive posture maximizes the likelihood that there will be far more terrorist attacks within the United States.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Attorney Jonathan Emord
June 20, 2016

The murder of forty-nine Americans in Orlando at the hands of a home grown, radical Islamic terrorist is the logical consequence of a President who refuses to use all means necessary to eradicate radical Islamic terrorists overseas. This President not only refuses to rally the nation, seek a declaration of war, and do what is militarily required to destroy those intent on taking American lives, he shows empathy for the plight of terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay, seeing fit to effectively bolster their ranks and cause by releasing even the most hardened and dedicated al Qaeda enemy combatants from that facility. He has entered into a deal with our most ardent foe, Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, whereby he has filled that nation’s treasury with hundreds of billions of dollars, has enabled the country to exercise hegemony over Iraq and Syria, and has virtually ensured it will obtain a nuclear arsenal.

Obama is a pacifist at a time when the nation requires a commander-in-chief at war and total war against those who will otherwise continue to kill ever more Americans. Like Neville Chamberlain, Obama lives in a dream world of peace despite the presence of war. He refuses to put the nation on a war footing by seeking a declaration of war from Congress against radical Islamic terrorists, preferring instead to regard the cowardly attacks of those terrorists on civilians as the equivalent of domestic organized crime, warranting a local police response.

The failure of President Obama to assume the full mantle of commander-in-chief in the face of acts of radical Islamic terrorism against the United States and its allies bodes ill for the lives of Americans at home and abroad. Indeed, Obama’s essentially defensive posture maximizes the likelihood that there will be far more terrorist attacks within the United States.

Obama refuses to secure our borders. He refuses to devote full military power to a relentless campaign of extermination of terrorists around the globe. He refuses to destroy all means of communication used by terrorists. He refuses to cut off all supplies and finances directed to radical Islamists. He refuses to destroy all ISIS training camps and weapons factories. His incoherent foreign policy is suicidal for our nation.

Defensive warfare is not easily won against a persistent enemy comprised of religious zealots willing to die along with their victims. The Japanese in World War II responded to the calls of their Emperor and fought with comparable suicidal zeal against the Allied powers. Were the United States to have assumed a largely defensive posture then, the war in the Pacific would not have been won as promptly or decisively. Instead, Harry Truman did what Obama would never do to save countless American lives. He ended the conflict decisively with the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman was right, and Obama is hopelessly wrong. It is likely that we can eliminate radical Islamic terrorism with overpowering conventional force but Obama has no stomach, no courage, and no respect for America sufficient to engage the enemy and win.

In the first instance, this President will not even mention the word radical Islam, let alone declare war on radical Islamic terrorists. A declaration of war is essential to rally the nation, explain the perverse ideology of our foe, and commit America’s military to a relentless battle to ferret out and exterminate every last vestige of radical Islamic terror along with all of those who provide terrorists aid and comfort.

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