Jim Sinclair-Next Crash Will Look Like Mad Max…”When this thing comes down, it’s going to be a free fall.”

Sunday, June 19, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Greg Hunter
June 19, 2016

Renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair says recent dire predictions from Wall Street icons are more than a warning. They are telegraphing their trading positions. Sinclair explains, “They are preparing for what they believe. They talk their own positions. So, it’s more than a warning. They are telling you exactly what they have done. They are not out to save the man in the street. They are out to make money in a huge short position, probably in over-the-counter derivatives. . . . They’re not looking for a market tic down. They are looking for a market with a character of backing up to an open to an elevator with no elevator there. . . . We’ve got no volume, fake prices, and we’ve got the biggest money in the world short the market. We’ve also got a Fed with no tools, and now we have a Fed whose primary indicator is starting to have a heart attack. . . . When this thing comes down, it’s going to be a free fall.”

Greg Hunter was invited to guest host with Mr. Sinclair and his business partner Bill Holter on JSMineset.com for their paid subscribers. Holter adds, “The fact you have so many (Wall Street elite) coming out in a compressed period of time tells you it’s on the immediate horizon. . . . It’s a reset. That’s how it’s going to be done. We will go to bed on Friday and come Monday morning, the markets won’t open, and whenever they do reopen, there’s your reset or the beginning of the reset.”

One of the big potential triggers that could bring the markets crashing down is more than $10 trillion in European government bonds with negative interest rates. Holter begins by saying, “Negative rates mean that debt is trading to a premium to cash. So, what it is saying is debt is better than cash. That’s impossible. Whether it’s a trigger or not, I don’t know. I do know it’s highly explosive.” Sinclair adds, “Let’s start thinking about this as the biggest bubble that has ever existed. It makes the South Sea Bubble look like a joke.”

Sinclair goes on to add the amount of bonds that could be affected in a crash are not just $10 trillion paying negative rates, but other bonds adding up to around $40 trillion. Yes, $40 trillion. Sinclair contends, “You are going to be paying government to take your money, an insolvent government. How can you be so stupid? . . . What you are doing with your money is absolute insanity. If anyone thinks that negative interest rates will have the effect of repairing an economy, just go back to 2008 until now and look at the process of getting there. . . . We have gone into a soulless environment–an environment without humanity. It could be the zombie apocalypse that these big names are talking about. When you make the mistake of paying for the privilege for investing in an absolute insolvent, you are in the biggest bubble in the history of finance. When this tears loose, it’s going to be the biggest tear of the fabric of our lives that we have ever experienced. There are so many things happening and starting to unravel, but nothing is bigger than paying for the privilege of investing in an insolvent.”

Another big trigger is Germany’s deeply troubled Deutsche Bank. Holter contends, “I think they are getting thrown under the bus.” Sinclair adds, “They’re out of the club.” Holter goes on to say, “Exactly. Deutsche Bank is turning state’s evidence and ratting out the other institutions that have been rigging (gold and silver) markets.” Sinclair says, “Don’t forget, this is a crime. You are not talking about something as simple as fiddling with the markets. You are talking about a criminal act, and that carries with it outrageous potentials.”

Sinclair says don’t expect central banks to come to the rescue as they did in the 2008 financial meltdown. Sinclair says, “Think of the entities that are supposed to be the rescuing mechanism for insolvencies and illiquidity. You can go down the entire list, and they are themselves illiquid and insolvent. What does the world look like after that? Probably, it looks like Mad Max and the day after.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

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