Peter Schiff Issues a Rather Large Economic Warning… “It’s Gonna Be Awful”

Friday, June 10, 2016
By Paul Martin


The interview below is vintage Schiff vs. CNBC. After being “demoted” to only doing CNBC website interviews for the last several months, something Peter hasn’t been too shy about mentioning in other interviews, within the first 22 seconds Peter manages to sneak in a jab about finally being IN studio again, jokes about how his competition at CNBC aren’t really full fledged bears, but rather “little cubs that haven’t matured into full grown bears yet,” and when asked how bad he thinks the coming financial crisis will be, Schiff responds saying, “It’s gonna be awful,” all while he’s laughing.

To elaborate, Peter says he’s of the belief that the Fed plans to keep misleading people by manipulating the markets. For a while, the Fed will be able to make it look like the stock market and real estate market aren’t hemorrhaging money like they were back in 2008, and the obvious reason to do so would be for political purposes. By making sure everyone’s investment statements aren’t showing massive losses every month, it will be much easier for Hillary to campaign on the fictional “recovery” narrative. The downside to that plan is the Fed keeps the markets from taking a nosedive for a while, but only by sacrificing the U.S. Dollar in the process.

By sacrificing the Dollar, eventually everything goes to hell in a hand basket anyway, but if the Democrats have their way, that won’t happen until AFTER Hillary has managed to steal the White House. Democrats are well aware that with the changing demographics of the country, if the GOP doesn’t secure the White House in 2016, they may never do so again, therefore THIS presidential election is more important than ever! For that reason, the “ends justify the means” with the Democrats, and if a few million Americans get wiped out financially in the process, so be it.

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