Is It Normal to be a Pervert? Boycott ESPN in Support of Curt Schilling’s Defense of Our Daughters and Mothers

Friday, April 22, 2016
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
22 Apr, 2016

If there is any doubt as to whether the Satanists are ruling American society, let this story serve as the warning. Satan uses any means and any perversion to further his agenda which is the destruction of the human soul through overt perversion and pornography. It does no matter to me if one is a private pervert. If one wants to strap on whatever weird “whatevers” and parade around like J. Edgar Hoover in all his glory, that is your business. But the moment that a pervert decides to intimidate a child and their mother with their unwarranted appearance in a woman’s restroom, you can expect the men in our society to take action against the pervert.

Respect for Parents and Their Young and Vulnerable Children

When I am in a public venue and I see a dad who is with his daughter and he is forced to bring her into the men’s restroom, I take extraordinary care to make sure that young female child does not see, from me, anything a young girl should not be seeing at her age. I see most other men acting with the same respect for that child when I am in a public restroom.

In a related topic, I do not believe in persecuting society’s mentally and/or emotional infirm for their “unusual lifestyle choices”. Nor, do I believe that we should persecute the bizarre for their unusual behaviors (e.g. being a transvestite or having made the conscious decision to amputate their male sex organ, etc.). It is not for me to judge, and leave the judgment up to God. Does my Libertarian approach condone such an approach? Absolutely not, there is something wrong with someone’s mental health when they violate the laws of nature and the laws of God by purposely becoming a eunuch. I don’t care. Part of me pities this person, but I truly do not care about their profound level of self-mutilation. However, my tolerance does have its limits. When one’s perversion becomes an instrument of intimidation and even abuse, the perverts of this society can expect the men of this society to react in a spirit of protection on behalf of our children and their mothers.

My Clinical Orientation

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