AND SO IT BEGINS . . .NJ HOME INVASION — FOR FOOD!…”This will only get worse.”

Friday, April 8, 2016
By Paul Martin
Apr. 8, 2016

A 71-year-old Jersey City, NJ man was threatened by a man and a woman armed with a knife in a home invasion where the couple swiped food from his refrigerator, saying they were hungry.

Luis Rosales says he answered his apartment door the afternoon of March 29 and was greeted by a man and a woman armed with an 8-inch kitchen knife forcing their way inside.

“I say ‘help me, help,’ he put the hand, he held my mouth, he said, ‘shut up,’” Rosales told SuperStation95 in limited English.

He said he didn’t fight back.

“He grabbed a knife, he said, ‘Be quiet or I’ll kill you,’ I said, ‘OK, no problem, I promise I won’t cry,’” Rosales said in Spanish.

The suspects pepper-sprayed him in the eyes while they ransacked his apartment. They went straight for his fridge and took some yogurt and chicken.

“She told me, ‘Papi, sorry, I’m hungry,’ like that, touching the stomach, ‘I’m hungry,’” said Rosales.

The two also grabbed Rosales’ wallet before running off. He said he wasn’t hurt, and despite everything that happened to him, he said he’s not angry.

Police are still looking for the suspects.

And so it begins . . .

For several years, a variety of people smeared as “conspiracy theorists” and “the tin-foil-hat crowd” have been warning America that the economy and society are getting very bad, and we had better prepare for economic disaster by storing food, water and emergency supplies. Such folks have usually found themselves on the wrong end of scorn, being laughed at by others who refused to believe things could ever get that bad.

Well, things have now gotten that bad.

The fact that a 71 year old man in Jersey City, NJ had his home invaded by an armed couple seeking . . . . food . . . . is proof

Put simply, the economy and lack of social civility has reached such a terrible state, that people have now begun robbing food from other people . . . here . . . in America!

This will only get worse.

Contrary to the utter fiction being peddled by Barack Obama and the political class that the economy is picking up and things are getting really good, those of us out here in the real world see quite a different reality.

The economy is in almost complete collapse. People simply are not out buying goods and services. Yes, they’re buying food – they HAVE to eat. They’re buying fuel/electricity – they have to get to and from . . . and keep warm at home. But other than those things, people are not consuming in any meaningful way. They can’t. Money is tight . . . or non-existent.

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