America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simultaneous Directions- The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence (Part 1)

Friday, April 1, 2016
By Paul Martin

Dave Hodges
1 Apr, 2016

Sometimes when we report on emerging events, we lack the context to fully apply what is being revealed. In other words, our discoveries are sometimes ahead of how they will be applied and we end up reporting on anomalies. Later, as events unfold and the facts present themselves in more detail, we can clearly see how an even is manifesting.

In the case of the invasion of the United States being invaded from 7 different directions and the potential for more than 40 nations to participate, has been known for about two years. However, it is only in 2016 can we really see how it is all unfolding.

This is the first of two parts which will discuss this phenomenon. The first part of this series discusses how the seven pressure points that will be applied to the United States. The second part will analyze the “Red Dawn” aspect of this seven pronged invasion.

If there is a silver lining, nothing will until this country is brought under full martial law control following what looks like a very hot summer and fall in which millions of Americans will react violently to an election is which the will of the people (i.e. Donald Trump) was ignored and Hillary Clinton will be put into the Presidency. I am already referring to her as The FEMA Camp President.

Seven Pronged Attack

According to my sources, when Russian led and backed forces attack the United States, the attack will come as the result of a six-pronged strategy.

1. The Alaskan Front will see the Russians attacking the lower 48 from Alaska after our most northern state is quickly overwhelmed.

2. The Central American Front will witness a conglomeration of 33 Central and South American states (i.e. CELAC) which will combine military strike forces, backed by Russian military supplies, weapons, technology and strategy. These forces will push north through Central America and will attack America from the south.

3. The Southeastern Front will witness an amphibious invasion following the successes of the first two fronts in which major American military assets will be deployed away from the Southeast to defend against the scissors attack from America’s Northwest and the Southwest.

4. In a secondary and delayed attack, Chinese forces embedded in American ports (e.g. Long Beach), who have entered the country in cargo ships, will be unleashed to attack key military bases in California. At the same time, Chinese soldiers, who are embedded in the Sierra Madras will join forces with the Latin American forces as they sweep northward through Mexico and will dramatically burst through the border and then fan out to the north, west and east.

5. The fifth part of this attack, the Fifth Column, will be carried out by terrorists who have already gained entrance into the United States. Key assassinations and critical infrastructure sabotage will be carried out by these forces.

6. Russian forces will come out of the Arctic and sweep down through Canada and will attack the U.S. through Minnesota. This will allow the Russian led forces to cut the United States in half at the Mississippi River.

7. The lights will be turned out in the East, and will be particularly centered on the Eastern seaboard.

Phase One

The Rest…HERE

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