You Won’t Believe How Many Things Obama Copied Directly From Hitler

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
By Paul Martin


Folks – you can do whatever you want this information. I am not suggesting Obama is the anti-Christ, although I would not doubt it for one second. I am also not pushing any crazy conspiracies. This is purely factual information for you to make conclusions on your own. Personally, I could have written just about all of it off as coincidence, until I saw a replica of Hitler’s Pergamon Altar on Obama’s 2008 stage. At that point I was convinced there was WAY too much admiration on Obama’s part… and then I compared inauguration speeches… ugh… just when you thought you couldn’t think less of Obama… it becomes quite easy…

All I ask is that you pay attention to the facts presented below. Pay attention to the monuments to Satan that Hitler used, and then Obama made replicas of. Obama’s versions were much smaller, but he actually had them on stage with him in 2008 when he was first elected. I’d heard all this years ago… and forgotten where to go for much of it. Not long ago, a friend sent me a picture that reminded me I had all this information. Even when Obama gave his famous 2008 Berlin speech, it was on the alter Hitler used to speak from. NOBODY uses that place anymore for that exact reason!

Further down in this post is what amounts to almost a line by line comparison of the inauguration speeches of both Hitler and Obama. Again, I offer no conspiracy theory. You read them yourself and come to your own conclusion. One thing cannot be disputed… those speeches are historical fact. Nothing I say or do will make it any more or less “conspiratorial.”

In the post below, I merely present the information to you, and you can determine for yourself if the monuments like exact replicas of the monuments Hitler had to Satan. You can read both speeches and determine if it looks like Obama plagiarized Hitler’s.

Years ago I also heard a podcast from someone with alleged first hand knowledge of how much time Obama spent praying at a miniature version of the alter to Satan. A friend sent this picture… It’s a picture of Obama in awe – just as I heard he was, in awe of the Third Reich. The person I heard speak said Obama spent an obscene amount of time with various Third Reich artifacts and relics during his time in Germany.

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