Bilderberg is Funding Refugee “Crisis” To Force UN Agenda 2030 and Usurp US Constitution

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
By Paul Martin


Evidence for the existence of a group of global elites whose intentions are to usurp legitimate governments around the world (including the U.S.), and replace them with an illegitimate One World Government is everywhere for anyone who takes the time to educate themselves and look!

Unfortunately, back in 1912 the U.S. media was co-opted by Illuminati member JP Morgan, and it has never been relinquished since, so the most valuable “news” every person truly needs to know, will never come from the mainstream media. While the mainstream media does an atrocious job reporting any “actual news,” one thing they are very good at, is conditioning people, or indoctrinating them without their conscious knowledge. A classic example deals with any mention of a New World Order. Upon hearing another talk about such a thing, most people’s immediate reaction is to tune out, or to point and laugh in an attempt to discredit the person speaking.

Do you roll your eyes when someone else mentions the Illuminati, or the New World Order? If so, stop and ask yourself, why? In what area of life is “contempt prior to investigation” EVER healthy? It’s not. So where did that conditioning come from? Despite what many have come to believe, not as a result of their own research, but rather from disinformation that was spoon fed to them by a lying media, there is nothing “conspiratorial” about the New World Order, or their desire to enslave humanity using One World Government.

In the information that follows, I’ll provide links to the actual UN programs on the UN website that Barack Obama and John Kerry have already committed the U.S. to that include the blueprint for how everything is supposed to happen. Very little is actually “secret” these days. The elites don’t need it to be, because they know most people will do as they’ve been taught if the subject comes up, point and laugh, which provides the necessary cover for the masses to get hoodwinked in plain daylight.

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