Beware Martial Law: Obama Will Confiscate the Firearms From All 50 States in 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
By Paul Martin


it’s amazing how many people blow off the topic as if it’s total foolishness when the issue of complete gun confiscation comes up. People say things like, “From my cold dead fingers,” or “The American people will never stand for that,” but most of the people who are saying those things, are going to end up doing just that: Surrendering their firearms from their cold dead fingers. Both topics covered in the article below by Amy at Prepper Fortress are topics I cover frequently, so for me it’s always nice to hear another point of view.

Someone told me the other day they don’t have time for my “conspiracy nonsense…” To that I respond:

How do you politely tell someone they’re such a gullible idiot, and only about 1% of what they think is “reality” truly is “reality?” It’s not that everything reported in the mainstream media is a lie… It’s that only about 1-5% of what the mainstream media reports actually IS news. Virtually every single story people should rightfully expect a “news” agency to be covering and getting to the masses, is DELIBERATELY not covered, because the “powers that be” don’t want the masses to know. The longer this goes on, the more far fetched real truth sounds to people.

In the media’s defense, at this point the trend is almost irreversible. If people really knew even half of what is being kept from them, there would be panic, and probably a lot of death. If you’ve read, 10 Most Critical Things To Consider While Consuming Mainstream News, perhaps the argument could be made that if the well documented media coup that took place in 1912 by Illuminati member “JP Morgan’s Interests” hadn’t happened, and “news” had remained “news” all these years, people could handle the truth. Sadly the coup DID happen, and that group became what is now known as the Council on Foreign Relations. For more on what their role is and how it affects you, check out: The Council on Foreign Relations and Their Role With The Illuminati.

Total gun confiscation is a lot closer than most people realize… the groundwork has been laid, and people have no idea. Personally, I have zero faith the American people will stand up when the time comes either. Why? Because we had a golden ticket to Impeach Obama, and toss him out of office with the Resolution Drafted For Obama’s Impeachment Consisting of 48 Treasonous and Criminal Charges, and all THAT required (according the RNC Committee member leading the charge) was for people to blow up the phones in DC so much that representatives had to listen. There are over 100,000,000 million Americans not working. If people couldn’t find time to “stand up” by picking up their phones, I call bullsh** that they’ll be willing to place themselves in front of feds shooting at them. Sorry.

The problem right now is Americans are so ridiculously uninformed, and they don’t know what they don’t know, but they think they know everything because they skim the headlines of their Twitter feeds or Facebook feeds, rarely stopping to read the actual information within. No one thinks they absolutely HAVE to act now, and the mainstream media will keep it that way. They’ll continue to shield people from the plans of the global elite, and continue to shield them from all the measures already taken to achieve total gun confiscation when the time is right. The worst part about all of this is that a real sh**storm is coming, and when all hell breaks lose, and the sh** hits the fan… there’s going to be a lot more idiots out there than informed people. Every last uninformed idiot will be unprepared, in a panic, and coming in mobs for those who were prepared. Ain’t life grand?

The following video put out by The Truth Movement will be a real wake-up call to some.

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