The Inevitability of Dramatic Inflation

Monday, February 15, 2016
By Paul Martin

by Jeff Thomas
Feb. 15, 2016

No one is very concerned about inflation right now and that’s understandable.

Although inflation exists in some sectors of the economy, the present subject of discussion is deflation. Any depression is inherently deflationary since spending is curtailed, which drives prices down.

Since 2008, despite all the fudged reports emanating from governments, much of the world has been in a depression since 2008 and remains in one. This will continue until such time as there is a true cleansing of the system – a step the leaders of each jurisdiction have avoided as much as possible, choosing instead to extend the party as long as possible before the inevitable collapse occurs.

Since deflation is the problem that’s staring us in the face now, most economic discussion deals with it. But, historically, when deflation occurs, governments do everything they can do reverse the problem and return to inflation.

To the average person, one type of ‘flation is as bad as another type of ‘flation – he merely hopes for economic stability. And so the effort by governments to not only accept inflation but to recommend its existence as policy seems odd. But then, governments (and banks) benefit from inflation.

People can only be taxed so much before they rebel, but inflation acts as a hidden tax and most people don’t recognise that it’s not the number of currency units one possesses that matters, but what level of purchasing power they have. Inflation allows the individual to retain his currency notes, but devalues them so they buy him less in goods and services. Inflation is the unperceived tax.

The US Federal Reserve has done a sterling job of exacting wealth from US citizens. Since it was created in 1913, it has devalued the dollar by roughly 97% and the dollar is now due for replacement.

Through the creation of tremendous debt, the US, EU, and many other countries have created a condition that will result in deflation – the very condition that they most dread. There can be no question that they will do whatever it takes to reverse this trend and return to inflation. Indeed, this is their stated policy. Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is famous for his 2002 speech in which he said he would dump currency from helicopters if necessary when deflation occurred. Since that date, he has reconfirmed his commitment nearly every year, as has his successor, so there can be little doubt as to what the Fed will do to address deflation.

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