2016: The Year We Realized It’s 1984

Saturday, February 13, 2016
By Paul Martin

Phil Butler
Saturday 13 February, 2016

The state of most media today is sad, pitiful, and hopelessly unbelievable. From BBC to the New York Times, any semblance of believability is gone. What makes matters worse though, are what amount to popularity factions in social media. The information world has never been so polarized, while the public sinks into a kind of neo-tribalism. Vladimir Putin is the fall guy, Barack Obama a joke of history, and the new candidates for President of the United States caricatures of leadership for the most part. If only Bernie Sanders could turn out to be something other than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, maybe we’d have a chance!

Not many are aware that George Orwell, of whom journalists today parrot out “Orwellian” this or that, actually fought in the Spanish Civil War. Looking more deeply into the situation we face today, it’s an easy thing to draw parallels between my “factions” at one another’s throats, and those fascists, communists, and the various brigades mirrors American disjointedness. The fear, suspicion, hatred, and even the censored newspapers of Spain in 1936, emit an echo not only in America, but across European capitals now. “Orwellian” in the 1984 sense, is the threshold at which our societies are perched now. Though Orwell developed a sort of Stalin-phobia during his time in Spain, his later work, 1984 reflects well, not some Soviet robot society, but a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism. At the time of its publishing, Orwell intended the dystopian novel to feature what communism would be like in the English speaking countries. Ironically the parallels today are vivid, only Britain seem to have annexed America, rather than the other way around. The same perpetual war goes on, only the nuclear aspect has yet to materialize. Big Brother, as we all know, watches intently while pulling the strings on the Ministry of Peace (US State Department), the Ministry of Plenty (Federal Reserve Bank), the Ministry of Love (Homeland Security), and the Ministry of Truth (BBC & CNN).

Some of you may be recalling a scene from the film “Matrix” by now. That “splinter” in Neo’s mind that Morpheus calls to question, the ever present pondering “what’s really going on?” – it’s eating at some of your right at this moment. How can it be that life is so closely mimicking anti-Utopian fantasy? But the looking glass does not reflect simply a fraction of 1984 back into our brains – there’s Orwell’s “doublethink” – to think about. Doublethink is part of a construct of so-called Oligarchical Collectivism, essentially claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. A clear case of this exists as western leaders continually contending “Putin did it, “contrary to any proof of the Russian president’s complicity. Yes, it sinks in now doesn’t it? It’s as if someone or some group had read 1984 and set about turning the novel into reality. The perpetual conflict over the so-called “disputed border areas” in between Orwell’s Oceana (America and Britain), Eurasia (an expanded USSR), and EastAsia (China and etc.), we see it exists in the real and in the now. Now I will show you instances of “doublethink” which are symptomatic.

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