Former CIA Operative Reveals That ET Walks Among Us

Friday, November 27, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
27 Nov, 2015

Recently, I wrote an article in which I exposed a TV show, TNT’s Legends, which depicted a radical Muslim terrorist attack upon Paris. The show was representative of what we call “predictive programming. Predictive programming occurs when Hollywood reveals a major event (e.g. the Simpsons predicting 9/11), or a major shift in an attitude or philsophy (e.g. Man of Steel and the subject of transhumanism).

I have long admitted the existence of predictive programming. However, there was one area in which I have always maintained a blind spot, in this arena, and that would be in the area of extraterrestrial life and its relationship with the present inhabitants on the earth. My skepticism was no doubt fueled by my fathers position on the topic as he worked with former Nazi scientists in reverse engineering drawing board technology to the laboratory. He said that the Nazis to a person claimed their advanced technology and ideas came from extraterrestrial beings. My father felt it was likely that the Germans were parroting a cover story that was created for them by their handlers. However, my father did not likely have access to the same quality sources that I had following his death in 1985.

Vance Davis and Bill Pawelec

One night in 1993, as fate would have it, I was listening, for the very first time, to Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and Art was interviewing Vance Davis. During the interview, Vance, a former NSA operative attached to NATO, revealed he that he became aware that both NATO and the NSA were fully aware of the presence, on the Earth, of representatives of several extraterrestrial civilizations who had their own individual designs upon the planet. During the interview, Vance’s description of advanced technology was eerily familiar and completely matched what my father had revealed to me eight years prior when he was dying from a rare lung disease.

Following the interview, I attempted to reach out to Vance and instead Bill Pawelec, who had done much contract work for the CIA reached out to me. Bill’s reason for contacting me was to ascertain my credibility which was easy to do because Bill had contact with my father while both of them were working at Sunstrand Electronics in Westminster, Colorado. It was at Sunstrand that my father and Bill were working on earth-penetrating tomography in which activity of one to two miles deep beneath the earth could be observed by satellite. In the process of our early communications, I became good friends with Bill. Eventually, I was introduced to Vance Davis and he and I also became very close and I was exposed to a portion of Earth history that few have ever heard about (e.g. past civilizations and advanced weapons systems, etc).

New Energy Source

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