EXCLUSIVE: ‘I drove Lee Harvey Oswald to the book depository – but I still don’t believe he shot JFK.’ 52 years after assassination, Oswald’s friend says he is convinced he is a patsy for real gunman on the grassy knoll

Friday, November 20, 2015
By Paul Martin

Buell Frazier drove Lee Harvey Oswald to the Dallas book depository on the morning of 22 November 1963
He saw Harvey Oswald put long brown package on back seat and thought it was curtain rods which his colleague had spoken about previously
Within hours, President John F Kennedy was dead and Oswald was arrested, with a rifle found in the depository
Series of official reports say Oswald acted alone but Frazier says he does not believe the quiet young man he drove to work could have killed JFK
He is convinced shot came from the grassy knoll, lending some support to claims by jailed Mafia hitman that pulled the trigger on the president

By Paul Thompson In Dallas, Texas
20 November 2015

When Buell Frazier glanced into the back seat of his car he noticed an odd shaped package wrapped in brown paper.

Setting off on a 30 minutes drive to downtown Dallas he didn’t give it another thought as he chatted amiably with the workmate sat beside him.

Hours later Buell, then aged 19, would find himself at the center of one of the most famous and talked about events of the 20th century.

The workmate was Lee Harvey Oswald and the package was the sniper rifle he had used to assassinate President John F Kennedy on the morning of 22 November 1963.

More than 50 years on from that fateful day in Dallas, Texas, Buell remains convinced that Oswald didn’t act alone in the shooting heard round the world.

And he partly supports a claim recently made by a former Mafia hitman who said that it was he, and not Oswald, fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

James Files said he was on the Grassy Knoll and fired the bullet that ultimately killed the President as his motorcade sped through downtown Dallas 52 years ago.

‘Not for one minute do I think Lee was on his own,’ Buell told Daily Mail Online.

‘There were other people involved. It was a conspiracy to kill the President. The President has made some powerful enemies who wanted him out of the way.

‘Lee always said he was a patsy and I believe him. I just cannot reconcile the Lee I knew with being a man who would assassinate the President.’
The claim by Files have added to the hundreds of conspiracy theories that have surrounded the death of JFK since his assassination.

Files, 72, has even gone so far as to claim his Mafia boss Charles Nicoletti was in the book depository in downtown Dallas and the assassination of was plotted by the CIA and Mafia.

He has made his claims to a Dutch filmmaker but they have previously been dismissed as ‘not credible’ by the FBI.

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