Is ISIS Contained Or Is ISIS Now Spread Out All Across America, Ready To Unleash Their Deadly Brand Of Hell Upon Americans?

Saturday, November 14, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline
November 13, 2015

Less than 24 hours after Barack Obama declared that ISIS was contained and were not getting any stronger as heard directly from the horses mouth in the 2nd video below, Muslim terrorists carried out the deadliest attack upon France since 1944, leading us to ask, if there are already at least 1000 active FBI probes into ISIS terrorists taking place across America right now, how long will it be until an attackof this magnitude sends the US into martial law like France now is, leaving an apocalyptic scene with potentially hundreds of Americans dead and more wounded for life?

Obviously, intelligence that declares ISIS ‘contained’ only hours prior to one of the most devastating terror attacks in history is deeply flawed and knowing that ISIS has already announced their deadly intentions for Americans while so many ‘probes’ are ongoing leaves a very unsettling feeling. After reading the new SQAlert below videos, we know why we have that unsettling feeling and it’s right on target.

Knowing that such terrorists are already here, in America ready to create hell upon American soil, and government is having serious conversations about disarming the American people is a huge red flag. Why would our government want American citizens to go defenseless against such terrorists who care not one bit for life nor limb as proven in Paris?

Now is the time for all Americans to keep our eyes and ears open in wake of the Paris shooting and as Mike Adams of Natural News tells us in the 1st video below, we should all be aware of potential false flags unfolding.

The Christian Science Monitor ran a story back in September about how ISIS was turning children against their parents here in America, radicalizing them through the internet while turning them against our country. Telling us that at least 58 Americans had been arrested in 2015 for plotting violence or planning to join the murderous group, we have to ask how many more young Americans are there that law enforcement hasn’t yet discovered? We also have to wonder, with over 1000 current active probes, how come we haven’t been hearing about more ISIS sympathizer arrests? Will it take a ‘Paris’ in America? By then, it will obviously be too late.

While France took the extraordinary move of closing down their borders after these attacks, isn’t that kind of like locking up the bank after the robbery has already taken place? As former French President Nicolas Sarkozy succinctly tells us in the 3rd video below, France is at war. How long will it be until that war arrives in America, or, is it already here? The brand new SQAlert below videos is one that we should all be paying attention to.

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