American Apocalypse…”What will Russia do?,An EMP attack, of course.”

Friday, November 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

by John Little
November 13, 2015

America has an appointment with destiny – an appointment that won’t be canceled. The Bible speaks of it. Our actions demand it. My hope is that you will avoid it.

It is an apocalypse in both of the ways that the word is used. It will be an apocalyptic destruction that will kill millions upon millions of Americans, and reduce our beloved America to a devastated ruin. It will also be a destruction that was foretold (apocalypsis) in the Bible.
If you choose to cast your lot with America, then you will suffer America’s fate. There will be Americans who survive this, and I hope that you will be one of them.

But, I prefer that you would escape America’s fate, altogether.

American Apocalypse

I have been appalled at America’s aggressiveness towards Russia, ever since I saw the coup in Kiev – just last year. It was a new level of aggression that crossed all the red lines of Russia, and was a level of insanity that I didn’t really think that the US State Department was capable of.

When I saw Kiev fall, I knew immediately who did it, and why.

When we heard confirmation from Victoria Nuland, it was just icing on the cake. America had done the one thing that Russia could not ignore.

Russia Tries To Warn The US

It was immediately after the fall of Kiev, that Russia began making efforts to warn the US that she was inviting destruction. Bomber flights. Leaks about new weapons systems. News about modernized nuclear ICBMs. They did all of that – and more – to no avail.

America has persisted in her determination to destroy Russia, so Russia must destroy America first.

I wish that there was some other way to see this, but there isn’t. The American Empire seeks for the domination of the world and Russia stands in the way. Furthermore, America believes that Russia can be broken up into its component parts, and has been working towards that end for some time.

But, never this obvious. Never.

I don’t know why the US thinks that it can threaten the existence of Russia, without Russia defending herself. It’s as if Washington thinks that Russia doesn’t care about her own survival. It is absolutely, mind-numbing insane.

Why would America do this?</em>

The only thing that I can say is that when a nation like America turns away from God, God hands that nation over to Satan. And Satan is the personification of madness.

What will Russia do?

An EMP Attack

An EMP attack, of course. It is the simplest, most elegant way to eliminate America. The only thing keeping Russia from having done it already is the need to make sure that the blame is pointed at someone else. So, when Kiev fell, you can bet that Russia began the process of setting someone else. up to launch an EMP attack against the United States.

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