The War Drums are Beating: Two Trident Missiles Launched over Los Angeles. Act of Provocation Directed against Russia and China?…”World War III could break out at any time.”

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Joachim Hagopian
Global Research
November 11, 2015

Without warning just after sunset last Saturday night the US Navy purposely picked a time to launch an unarmed Trident II missile from the submarine the USS Kentucky from waters off the Southern California coast so hundreds of thousands of witnesses would be sure to observe the brightly lit up sky and headlines would certainly spread around the world.

The unusual event was seen as far away as northern California, Arizona and Nevada. It triggered a firestorm of conjecture that included possible UFO’s to World War III. Beginning last Friday evening the FAA suddenly declared that the US Navy created a no fly zone shutting down LA airport flights from flying west over the ocean from America’s second busiest airport until Thursday this week due to unspecified military activity. The Navy then fired a second unarmed Trident missile on Monday during daytime hours claiming it would have also been launched on Saturday night along with the first one but there “too many private boats in the area” prohibited it. Strange that too many boats didn’t stop the first launch, the one “seen” around the world. Chalk it up to military logic.

With these latest unsettling events, the writing on the wall keeps looming larger as war drums keep beating louder. From every direction we’re being bombarded these days by doom and gloom news that World War III could break out at any time.

Just two weeks ago the US Navy destroyer the USS Lassen brushed within 12 nautical miles of a couple of freshly built Chinese islands just to piss off China. Beijing immediately accused the US of violating its territorial rights staking its regional claim over the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands. While China threatened military retaliation the next time the US patrols too close, unnamed US government officials defiantly vowed they will do it again claiming free navigational maritime rights since the US refuses to accept the manmade islands as China’s legitimate territory.

Over recent months the navies and air forces of all three superpowers have been patrolling ever so closer to waters and airspaces near each other’s borders. In September five Chinese warships were observed near Alaska’s Bering Strait. Little more than a week ago two Russian reconnaissance planes had to be escorted away from a US aircraft carrier in the Sea of Japan. This dodgy game of chicken continues with each nation seemingly bent on ratcheting up tensions in an undeclared war that’s been building for more than a year.

Meanwhile during this last month the most dangerous, ready-to-explode hotspot has been Syria where for the first time the US has sent military boots on the ground after Russia launched its anti-ISIS offensive. The mounting number of ground forces may be joined by US puppet Gulf state Qatar sending troops to the Syrian battlefront. Both US and Russian superpowers are precariously sharing the same airspace with warplanes supporting opposing forces. In retaliation for Putin taking charge and upending the US fake war against ISIS, in recent weeks Obama sent Special Forces into Syria to help rescue its terrorist ally on the run (3000 jihadists fled to Jordan and Turkey in the first week alone) and defiantly oppose the Russian led coalition aiding Syria. Unfortunately the United States seems committed to winding up on the wrong side of history after creating and to this day continuing its not-so-secret support of its terrorist mercenary ally the Islamic State militants. Syria remains a powder keg ready to explode on a moment’s notice into world war.

While Putin actually fulfills what treasonous Obama falsely promised he would do over a year ago, hunt down and wipe out the terrorists, the elite’s puppet Obama muddles on obediently carrying out the suicidal globalist agenda to ignite a global war stretching to every corner of the earth. The US continues supplying air support and high powered weapons such as surface-to-air missiles for the anti-Assad terrorists while Russia offers the same committed support to the Assad forces. It’s only a matter of time before this superpower proxy war turns into a head-on collision when by accident or not American military forces kill Russians and/or Russian military forces kill Americans. This is all that’s needed to spark the start of World War III.

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