Something Very Strange Is Happening – Experts, Government, And MSM Are All Warning Us Of The ‘Big Event’ On The Horizon

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Susan Duclos
All News PipeLine
November 9, 2015

When Alternative News outlets highlight an issue the MSM basically ignores or downplays, such as a grid down scenario and probability, critics tend to call them “conspiracy theorists,” accuse them of exaggeration, tell them to buy some more tin foil hats….. but what do those same critics thinks when the MSM finally starts reporting the same issues that Independent Journalism sites have been reporting on? Perhaps a more important question would be why is the MSM kicking their reportage into high gear over the last month?

Browsing the Internet this morning I started noticing a theme in some stories I was seeing, so I set the search engine to a time frame of one month and noticed a massive increase of articles, not only from Alternative sites but within the MSM as well, all dealing with EMPs, cyber attacks, Infrastructure and power grids.

Recenetly ANP reported on an October 29, 2015 White House announcement where the U.S. government was planning for a “worst case scenario” solar event which would take out some of the nation’s power grids. Other Alternative Media sites also reported on it, including InfoWars, with some like SHTF Plan specifically highlighting Chinese technology which would put every satellite at risk, and Russia and India Report spotlighting Russian technology which could “paralyze a country in a nanosecond,” stating that soon North Korea would have the same ability for the “E-Bomb.”

The MSM reported on it as well, which is to be expected since it was a White House announcement….. but, setting that specific news event aside, over the last month the MSM has been telegraphing to the world what the next big event is going to be, while U.S. politicians help set the stage in programming the populace on what to expect, in conjuntion with experts telling us the same thing.


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